Online Children's Ministry Course

Age Level Insights for Spiritual Development

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Coming July 2019

Course Overview

Kids grow up so fast! But each age and stage of life provides unique opportunities for kids to build friendship with Jesus and each other. In this online training for children’s ministry leaders, you’ll get age level insights for babies & toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, and preteens—and you’ll explore the most effective ways to minister to each age group. You’ll better understand the kids you serve and gain practical ideas for sharing Jesus in ways that connect perfectly with each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Insights into each unique age and stage.

Friendship-building strategies to help kids grow friendship with Jesus and each other.

How to effectively lead mixed-age groups of children.

U Will

Understand how kids grow friendship with Jesus at every age and stage of life.

Ministry Certification

If you complete three online Church Leadership courses and three Children's Ministry courses, you'll receive a Children's Ministry Certification from Group U.

More About Certification

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