Group U Certification

Be more effective in ministry with Group U Certification...without the student loans or final exams!


What are the benefits of getting certified from Group U?

Certification from Group U isn’t about passing a test or answering a bunch of questions; it's about improving your effectiveness in ministry today. Yes, you’ll get a certificate, but you will also get peace of mind that you are taking advantage of every ministry opportunity that God places in front of you.

Did we mention the perks of certification?
Just like with our courses, certification comes with surprises and perks. Here are a few...

A congratulatory letter and certificate from Group to document and celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

A special invitation to a Group U graduation ceremony to celebrate your hard work.

An official listing on Group U’s alumni page. This page will show your certification and your courses, and it provides the ability to network with other churches.

A personal invitation to participate in Group’s onsite Next Level Speaker Training. Your registration is FREE; however, you will need to pay for your trip to Group headquarters. To top this training off, you will also be invited to a special dinner with Thom and Joani.

The opportunity to apply to become an Ambassador for Group to train and help others in ministry reach their full potential.

Plus other incentives that will make you smile!

Our Difference

What makes Group U Online Courses and Certification different? Group U is all about YOU!

Discover the 5 U-rekas of Group U Online Training...


Group U emphasizes discoveries...not dictation.

Group U ministry training courses create experiences where you make discoveries about yourself, your ministry, and your faith. Simply being TOLD by a talking head about something doesn’t result in building practical and effective skills for your role in ministry.


Group U is about the present...not the past.

Group U courses present only the most relevant topics. It’s not full of distant, irrelevant principles; it’s packed with rich meaning that applies to your ministry TODAY.


Group U is about experiences...not lectures.

Group U courses offer multisensory, educationally sound experiences that immerse you in learning, rather than lectures that can result in boredom, and disengagement.


Group U means you get to participate...not just the instructor.

Group U builds in time for you to interact with folks who are taking the same journey. You won’t travel this road alone...encouragement is guaranteed!


Group U is relational...not impersonal.

Group U courses involve interaction, conversation, and storytelling. You learn from other ministry folks who share their own faith stories, building trust, friendship, and training that sticks. You practice true relational skills that help you live out your faith in your ministry.

Requirements and Cost

What are the requirements for certification? How much does it cost?

Did you know that anyone who takes AND completes a course from Group U is actually on their way to certification? Life is complicated enough. We focus on what you need to be effective in ministry, not how many hoops we can make you jump through.

Total requirements:

  • Complete a total of six courses from Group U, and you can earn a Children’s or Youth Ministry Certification.
  • Three of those courses are going to be core leadership courses and three will be elective coursesin either children’s or youthMinistry.

What is the cost for certification?

Each course is $198. No big payments upfront. You simply select the course you want to take, then pay and enjoy. Then choose another course. We know you’re a busy leader...why complicate growing your ministry skills? And, before you know it, you will be certified in children’s or youth ministry!