What does a Jesus-Centered Life Offer?

Live a Jesus-Centered Life, and be transformed as you encounter Jesus. Focus on Jesus, and watch as worry melts away and peace is restored. Replace your never-ending to-do lists and constant demands with rest. Exchange your exhaustion for renewed strength. Pay ridiculous attention to Jesus, and discover who Jesus is to you and who you are to him.

Wondering how to start living a Jesus-Centered Life? Read the Jesus-Centered Bible, and experience Jesus in a fresh way. Document your prayers and discoveries in the Jesus-Centered journal. Share your Jesus-Centered focus with others by studying the Jesus-Centered Small Group Bible Studies together. Watch as you grow from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus.

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Gently shed stress…strengthen your faith…and prayerfully ponder your true identity in Jesus.
Drawn In: A Perfectly Messy Way to Experience Jesus (Jesus-Centered Devotions)
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Now: $7.50
Jesus loves both sides of your brain.

He likes the part of you that takes notes during sermons, but he's crazy about the side that doodles in class. That wonders and wanders. That asks why? and why not? and what's next?
Jesus-Centered Devotional Coloring Books:  Reflecting on the Names of Jesus
Was: $12.99
Now: $9.74
Welcome to your new favorite quiet place...one you'll share with Jesus.

Whether you're an experienced or first-time colorist, inspiration's waiting for you in the pages of this devotional coloring book.

Find Profound Purpose in a Jesus-Centered Life

A Jesus-Centered Life reveals your true purpose. Discover how the Creator created you to do something only you can do. Follow Jesus and watch as he provides for you, cares for you, and opens your eyes to all of your potential. Surrender your plans to Jesus, and see how your life will be better than you’ve ever dreamed.

Are you ready to give a Jesus-Centered Life a try? Study the Jesus-Centered Bible, and be energized, challenged and changed by seeing Jesus in every book. Our Jesus Centered devotionals, books, Bibles, and journals are designed specifically to help you slow down and pay ridiculous attention to Jesus. Living a Jesus-Centered life allows you to discover your profound purpose- a life that orbits around the most magnetic person in the universe, Jesus. How exciting is that?

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