Kids’ Worship CDs & DVDs Get Kids Worshipping God

Use kids’ worship CDs to get kids worshipping God and knowing Jesus through kids’ worship music, movement and fun. Try kids’ worship DVDs to encourage enthusiasm for worshipping God. Teachers love that worship songs for kids help to reinforce Bible points in their lessons, all while children sing. You’ll love that these children’s ministry resources work for Sunday school, mid-week programming and for at-home use.

With kids’ worship CDs you can help children learn to raise their sweet voices in song. Try kids’ worship DVDs to help children come into God's presence with interactive praise and worship songs. Through worship songs for kids your youngest children learn core Bible stories. And, with these children’s ministry resources you can help kids build a life-long faith foundation.

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Yee-Haw Moo-sic Download Card
Get the same great music as the Moo-sic & More CD, but in MP3 digital format.
Castaway Sing & Play Music CD
$4.99 - $6.99
We saw it happen firsthand at our VBS field test: Kids love to praise Jesus! This special CD features all 10 Shipwrecked worship songs kids love.

With Kids’ Worship CDs and DVDs, Children Learn to Praise God

The songs on these kids’ worship CDs are age-appropriate and fun. Kids love that these worship DVDs encourage them to make a joyful noise using basic toys found in their Sunday school classroom. Packed with worship songs for kids, these CDs and DVDs make it easy for teachers to keep kids on task during Sunday school class. And, while these children’s ministry resources are perfect for church use, parents love to use them at home, too.

Find kids’ worship CDs, DVDs and lessons created just for toddlers and two year olds in Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Bible Stories for Toddlers & Twos. With Play-n-Worship kids’ worship DVDs and CDs, children learn to trust Jesus through play, movement, and fun. With energetic worship songs for kids, toddlers and two year olds can sing their hearts out to God. Imagine how these children’s ministry resources will add fun and focus to your Sunday school and mid-week programming.

You can also find kids’ worship CDs and DVDs designed just for preschoolers. These kids’ worship DVDs and CDs are used to reinforce Bible points found in the Play-n-Worship for Preschoolers resource kit. Watch as these children’s ministry resources encourage kids to worship God. Plus, you’ll discover that these worship songs for kids are loved by children, teachers and parents alike.

Along with kids’ worship CDs and DVDs, Play-n-Worship offers a CD-ROM featuring coloring pages. Using kids’ worship DVDs, CDs, and coloring pages - there's so much fun to have each week during your Play-n-Worship time. You’ll love how these worship songs and activities for kids reinforce each Bible story. Try these children’s ministry resources to have even more Bible story fun with Play-n-Worship products.

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