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We offer children’s ministry leadership training books that will help you stay relevant in your ministry. Our Sunday school teacher training books encourage children's ministry leaders to grow their ministry with effective strategies and administration. Enjoy that these children’s ministry resources offer practical advice brought to you from ministers with experience in children's ministries of all sizes. And, with these children’s ministry ideas, you’ll have the necessary information to apply their learning to your current experience.

Find great children’s ministry leadership training in Children's Ministry That Works, a resource that helps ministry leaders create dynamic and effective ministry programs. We offer Sunday school teacher training books for everyone from a seasoned veteran to a beginner. Enjoy that these Children’s ministry resources feature expert insights from successful children's ministry leaders. These children’s ministry ideas will help you find strategies and solutions for every area of your ministry.

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By Group Publishing with Keith Johnson

Make your training goals a reality without scheduling a single meeting–and with minimal prep-time. 52 engaging training sessions draw the most out of your teachers with principles they can apply immediately. With these 15-minute (or less) training sessions, you will help your volunteers to:
  • Prepare their hearts and minds to be effective teachers,
  • Stay composed when things don't go as planned,
  • Use creativity in the classroom, and
  • Build relationships with children—and help them grow closer to Jesus.
    By Jim Wideman

    It's tough to recruit volunteers--so hang on to those you've got! You'll keep volunteers longer and keep them happier by giving them more than just a volunteer job. Instead, give them a volunteer career. Help them become leaders as well as volunteers! Here's everything you need to know to get your volunteers in the right job, then help them to grow in their skills and enthusiasm. Noted children's pastor Jim Wideman, from Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers practical strategies for any size church. Learn the secrets of retention, and ideas that really work...instill proven leadership skills...and grow your church volunteers to be happy, inspired, and in it for the long haul.
    By Group Publishing

    With the activities in this book, kids will not only memorize God's Word, they'll understand the verses they learn! Every activity takes advantage of kids' natural learning aptitudes to make Scripture stick. Includes 80 verse activities arranged in biblical order. Now kids will want to memorize Scripture!
    By Group Publishing

    Do you know the number-one reason teachers quit? Because they don't feel empowered to control their classrooms. So hand them this: Pocket Guide to Discipline, and they'll instantly connect with these top tips--all presented in a "You Can Do It" attitude.

    Sold in packs of 10. Give one to every children's ministry worker.
    Pat Verbal, General Editor

    Open your heart to the most amazing ministry a church can have!

    There'’s perhaps no better way to share and receive God'’s love than through a special needs ministry to children.
    Do you know what it takes to make these kids—--and their parents--—feel welcome in your church?

    This practical, insightful book is your guide to answering all those questions and more.
    The most effective discipline tips for every issue you'’ll face--—so you can focus on teaching kids and enjoying your class! You'’ll love this at-your-fingertips handbook for discipline issues that frazzle your nerves and leave you wondering what to do. Look to this guide for effective techniques that eliminate and redirect behavior challenges.
    Sunday School That Works is a dynamic resource designed specifically to help you strengthen and enrich your Sunday school ministry while maximizing what you'’re already doing on Sundays.Overflowing with expert insights from more than 20 successful ministry leaders, this book guarantees practical solutions for every area of your Sunday school ministry. You'’ll learn best tips, creative ideas, and powerful strategies from dynamic leaders including Christine Yount Jones, Dale Hudson, Holly Catterton Allen, Dan Webster, Gina McClain, Linda Ranson Jacobs, Pat Verbal, Amy Dolan, Ricardo Miller, Greg Baird, Patty Smith, Gordon and Becki West, Patrick Snow, and more.
    By Group Publishing

    Equip your children’s ministry to identify and confidently reach out to kids with special needs. This handy pocket guide contains relevant teaching techniques, age-appropriate ways to inspire positive peer relationships, tips for partnering with parents and more! Parents of special needs children will feel valued and welcomed to know that your ministry is proactively addressing the needs of their children.
    For just over a dollar each, you can equip and empower ten volunteers. Includes surveys and tools to guide teachers as they partner with parents--—and establish action plans that work.
    By Jim Wideman

    This guide is the perfect tool for encouraging motivated children's ministry leaders to grow their ministry with effective administration. And this isn't just theory--it's practical advice brought to you from someone with experience in children's ministries of all sizes.

    You'll get great field-tested training from the children's ministry leadership expert. Learn leadership fundamentals, sharpen your administrative and organizational skills and create great time management methods for yourself and your children's ministry staff.
    By Group Publishing

    Get ready for what's coming next in Children's Ministry...
    Here's how.

    Ten front-line Children's Ministry experts peeked out over the horizon to identify ten trends shaping ministry in the next ten years.
    See inside to discover...
    How current culture is rewiring kids' brains--and secrets for connecting with children
    The latest education trends embraced by schools--and how they'll impact your Sunday school
    Morphing Children's Ministry into Family Ministry--and how that supersizes your impact
    What kinds of children are about to land in your ministry--and how to be ready for them
    Plus six more must-know insights--and practical activities that help you take advantage of shifting trends in your Children's Ministry.

    Be prepared.
    It's good advice for scouts...and even better advice for you.
    $15.99 - $19.99
    By Group Publishing

    Create an effective children's ministry with help from the top experts! For over 10 years, Children's Ministry That Works has been helping ministry leaders create dynamic and effective ministry programs in churches across the country. Now, completely revised and updated, this new version will help you be successful for the next 10 years!
    Dale Hudson & Scott Werner

    A treasure trove of tools and techniques to take your children’s ministry to the next level...and impact kids' lives like never before. These 100 sure-fire "how-tos" were developed by children’s ministry leaders who’'ve spent years fine-tuning the strategies that bring real success. You'll discover how to:

  • Equip volunteers to love serving and stay for the long haul
  • Develop a dynamic ministry area that kids love and bring their friends to
  • Rev up your vision and get your team excited
  • And much, much more!

  • You'll be ready to fuel your children's ministry to do great things for God, for your church, and for you.

    Children's Ministry Leadership Training Resources

    Lead children’s ministry leadership training sessions using Take-Out Training for Teachers, which offers 15-minute or less training sessions. We have Sunday school teacher training books on how to increase and maintain attendance found in Sunday School Attendance Boosters: 165 Fresh and New Ideas. We also have children’s ministry resources that offer suggestions on how you can keep volunteers longer and keep them happier by giving them more than just a volunteer job. The children’s ministry ideas in Children's Ministry Volunteers That Stick offer strategies on how to create a culture of a volunteer career.

    You can find children’s ministry leadership training books on effective discipline. For Sunday school teacher training on discipline, hand teachers the Pocket Guide to Discipline, and share the top discipline tips for Sunday school teachers. Look for children’s ministry resources, like 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Children's Ministry, which shares the insight of childrens ministry leaders who've spent years fine-tuning strategies that bring real success. By implementing these children’s ministry ideas in your church, leaders and volunteers will be better equipped to tackle tough situations.

    With children’s ministry leadership training books, you can learn leadership fundamentals while sharpening your administrative and organizational skills. For example, find Sunday school teacher training books on how to help kids memorize scripture in Making Scripture Memory Fun, where kids will not only memorize God's Word, they'll understand the verses they learn. These children’s ministry resources offer ideas on how to help to make Scripture stick in the minds of kids. Consider the impact these children’s ministry ideas can have on the children in your church.

    Our children’s ministry leadership training includes the best resources for Sunday school teachers. For Sunday school teacher training resouces, try Sunday School That Works. These children’s minsitry resouces were designed to help you strengthen and enrich your Sunday school ministry while maximizing what you're already doing on Sundays for all of your children’s ministry. Give these children’s ministry ideas a try, and watch as your ministry grows and matures.

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