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The Simply Loved Elementary Quarter 5 Plus Digital kit contains everything you need to prepare and teach 12 weekly lessons for kids in 1st grade through 4th grade. The included USB drive contains digital copies of kit contents plus BONUS resources.


Simply Loved Elementary Kit Plus Digital contains everything you need for Quarter 5 of this Sunday school curriculum for kids. This children's ministry curriculum kit from Group offers everything you need to teach 12 weekly Sunday school lessons for kids in 1st grade through 4th grade. The included USB drive provides digital copies of the Q5 Sunday school materials.

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The Simply Loved Elementary Kit Plus Digital Quarter 5 lesson plan is designed to help kids in 1st grade through 4th grade discover and understand that God helps us, Jesus cares about us, and God is great.

Each quarter of Simply Loved curriculum is made up of three units, each containing four unique Sunday school lessons for kids. Each unit features a lovable Bible Memory Buddy that creates an emotional and mental connection to every lesson through engaging videos, helping kids learn and remember each unit’s Bible Memory Verse. In Quarter 5 kids explore Bible truths along with Klymer the Snow Leopard, Beacon the Rainbow-Billed Toucan, and Zion the Lion. (Psst...if you’ve used Group’s VBS, you might recognize these characters!)

This digital Sunday school curriculum kit is ideal when managing multiple elementary Sunday school classrooms and for creating email and social media communications to families and your congregation.

  • This kit contains everything you need to plan, prepare, and teach the Simply Loved Quarter 5 lessons—plus a USB drive with digital copies and BONUS Sunday school resources (see the What’s Included tab below for details).
  • One kit will serve a single classroom of up to 25 kids (limited only by the Bible Memory Buddy Stickers, also sold separately).

Your USB drive includes digital copies of everything inside this kit, allowing you to print additional copies or distribute digital Sunday school curriculum materials electronically. (Some restrictions apply. See the What’s Included tab for details.)

Due to copyright restrictions, any kit that is returned with the USB security seal broken will not be eligible for a refund.

Product Detail

Simply Loved is a revolutionary Sunday school curriculum for kids that takes the complication out of recruiting, gathering supplies, and teaching lessons so you and your volunteers can get back to what matters most—helping kids learn to love God and each other.

To learn more about how Simply Loved makes Sunday school simpler for you and your volunteers—all while helping kids learn key Bible lessons—visit the Simply Loved website.

Simply Loved Elementary Kit Plus Digital Quarter 5 Lessons:

Unit 1: God Helps David

Lesson 1: Samuel Anoints David as King

Lesson 2: God Helps David Defeat Goliath

Lesson 3: Jonathan Helps David

Lesson 4: Abigail Brings Peace

Unit 2: Jesus Helps People in Need

Lesson 5: Jesus Helps a Roman Officer

Lesson 6: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

Lesson 7: Jesus Helps 10 Men With Leprosy

Lesson 8: Jesus Feeds People

Unit 3: God’s Good Kings

Lesson 9: God Makes Promises to David

Lesson 10: Soloman Asks for Wisdom

Lesson 11: Jehoshaphat Asks God for Help

Lesson 12: Huldah Gives Kind Josiah a Message from God

View the full Simply Loved Scope and Sequence HERE.

What's Included

Each Simply Loved Elementary Plus Digital Quarter 5 kit includes:

1 USB drive containing digital copies of everything found in the children’s ministry curriculum kit for easy duplication. The Leader Guide is provided in PDF format. Plus, BONUS kids’ Sunday school resources are available only in the digital kit. Use bonus resources to create social posts, emails, parent communications, and more! (Due to copyright restrictions, making copies of the music videos is strictly prohibited. If you need additional copies of the music, the music DVD is sold separately.)

1 Leader Guide with easy-to-follow lessons, weekly supply lists, and teacher devotions.

2 DVDs featuring high-quality music videos, weekly Bible Memory Buddy videos, a countdown, and even teacher tip videos!

12 vibrant Bible Story Posters to visually represent the key Bible story from each lesson.

3 Bible Memory Buddy Posters designed to introduce kids to each unit’s Bible Memory Buddy and Bible Memory Verse.

100 stickers of each Bible Memory Buddy (a total of 300 stickers) for kids to wear, keep, and collect. Each sticker also includes the unit’s Bible Memory Verse. Enough stickers for 25 kids each week; stickers are also sold separately.

1 copy of the Take-It-Home Flyers booklet. Flyers “fly” home so families can continue growing together in friendship with Jesus. Booklets are photocopiable and are also sold separately.


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Simply Loved Elementary Kit Plus Digital - Quarter 5