Hands-On Bible Curriculum--Bible Big Books, Ages 3&4: Daniel & His Friends
Item 9781559452458
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Bigger is better with Bible Big Books! An impressive 16X20 inches, these are storybooks everyone can see even from the back row! Each book is beautifully illustrated, a memorable, kid-friendly telling of a Bible story you want your children to know and remember. And Bible Big Books are easy to read aloud because text is reproduced on the back cover.
8 pages
20" x 16" softcover

This Bible Big Book tells the story of Daniel and his friends.
1 Bible Big Book.

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Q: What Bible Stories are covered in this book? The cover picture indicates it is Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego, but Daniel wasn't in that story and the title indicates he is included. Is there more than one story in the book? What chapters/verses are covered?
Asked : Sep 02, 2017
By : RebekahJP, Louisiana
A: This eight-page Bible Big Book touches briefly on a few stories. The exile to Babylon, Daniel and his friends being chosen by the king to learn, Daniel interpreting a dream, and the story of the Fiery Furnace.
Answered : Sep 05, 2017
By : Robin

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