Eyewitness: The Visual Bible Experience
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By Jeff White

You may have read the stories of Noah, Esther, or Mary a hundred times...but you've never read them like this. Introducing Eyewitness—a new personal Bible experience that helps you discover God in fresh and surprising ways.

A soul-stirring illustrated story Bible for adults and older teens.
Eyewitness captures the wonder and intimacy of the people of the Bible and their extraordinary encounters with God.

Vivid first-person narratives.
Eyewitness presents 39 true-to-Scripture Bible stories that bring you face-to-face with the people in the Bible. As they tell their own firsthand accounts of encountering God, their experiences become more real. Bible truths become more relevant. And God’s love feels more vibrant and alive.

Captivating artwork.
Every page features imaginative, full-color illustrations by 16 artists from around the world. It’s an illustrated approach to Bible storytelling that grabs you by the heart and kindles your spirit.

Ideal for both the seasoned believer and the spiritually curious.
It's designed to make Bible stories more meaningful and relatable, no matter where you’re at in your spiritual journey.

See for yourself how Eyewitness can transform the way you view the Bible and God’s love.

Perfect for gift-giving at Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and anytime in between!
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256 pages
11" x 8.5" hardcover with dust jacket
Jeff White is the author of more than 20 faith-based books, including the bestselling Friends With God Story Bible and the Jesus-Centered Planner. His innovative faith journal, I Am Friends With God, was a 2019 Christian Book Award finalist. A graduate of Biola University, White writes and produces a wide variety of creative projects including apps, videos, and mobile games.

You've never experienced the Bible quite like this

Welcome to Eyewitness, the first-of-its-kind story bible designed to help adults discover God in fresh and surprising ways. These are the intimate, true-to-Scripture accounts of real people, just like you, who strived and struggled with God in profound ways.

It's through these deeply intimate stories that you discover God's heart—and how much God craves a relationship with you.

256 pages | 11" x 8.5" | Hardcover with Dust Jacket

A Bold Visual Experience

With more than 120 imaginative illustrations by a diverse group of artists from all over the world, Eyewitness gives you a bold, visual experience that will both inspire and surprise you. You'll come face to face with real people of the bible who share their innermost thoughts and feelings—from a first-person perspective—as their extraordinary journeys with God unfold.

Transform the Way the Bible Transforms You

Throughout all the stories, you'll discover the thread of God's unending love for people. Prepare to let these Bible stories open your eyes as you, too, become an eyewitness to God's story in your life.

Jesus Illustration

Illustrated by artists from around the world. Eyewitness tapped into the talents of more than a dozen artists from countries such as Spain, Greece, Brazil, and Indonesia to provide fresh views of beloved Bible stories.

Hand writing with pen

Written in first-person perspective. From Adam and Eve to Esther and Jesus, each Bible character tells his or her own story, giving the reader intimate encounters full of depth and emotion.

Bible scripture

Faithful to Scripture. Eyewitness is not Scripture itself, but its stories remain true to the biblical accounts.

Jesus with cross

Covers the essential stories from Genesis to Revelation. Through its carefully curated selection of 39 stories and passages, Eyewitness gives the reader a thorough overview of the Bible's overarching message and themes while covering the key tenets of Christianity.


"Eye to Eye" sections take readers deeper. More than a third of the stories are followed by an additional encounter with the Bible character, who goes beyond the story to provide more insights into the theme of his or her experience with God.

Grim Reaper

Just for grown-ups. While there are numerous illustrated story Bibles available for children, there are currently none designed specifically for adults. Eyewitness gives grown-up readers a raw, straightforward (and scripturally accurate) account of each Bible story, many of which involve mature themes such as sex, violence, depression, doubt, death, and other difficult-to-grapple-with subjects in the Bible.

Illustrators from Around the Globe

Eyewitness brings you a fresh look at the Bible through the talents of 16 international artists. Each illustrator was given the creative freedom to interpret the stories based on their own unique cultural backgrounds, making Eyewitness a Bible experience unlike any other.

What Readers Are Saying

"I can think of five friends right off the top of my head who need this."

"I need this RIGHT NOW."

"I want to share this with everyone who comes into my home."

"It gave me a fresh perspective."

"I absolutely love it. It left me wanting more."

"I never thought of the Bible that way before."

Eyewitness | The Visual Bible Experience

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By Sue Ketterer
Lansdale, PA
September 02, 2020
"Artists from all over the world have brought the scriptures to life in a new and exciting way. Different perspectives cause you to take the stories and rethink them from the character's viewpoint. Queen Esther seems to be looking right at you and I love the way Daniel and the lion are watching each other in the lions' den. I couldn't put this down and read all the way through in 2 days! Don't miss this eyewitness, eye-opening account of the Bible!"
By Esther Boley
Fort Mill, SC
March 19, 2021
"Such a great way to experience the Bible "