Eye-Popping Bible Lessons for Preschool: Volume 1
Item 9781470742157
13 engaging lessons that awaken kids' love for God
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These engaging, age-appropriate lessons captivate preschoolers and keep them excited about God. Each of the 13 imaginative lessons takes about 60 minutes to teach and is packed with preschool games, crafts, activities, songs, and snacks that make Bible learning easy and fun! This ready-to-use companion is a teacher's best friend, offering a variety of lessons on timely topics for preschool children.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions make teaching a snap
  • Creative activities help teach Bible truths
  • Fun crafts make learning more active
  • Great games grab and hold kids' attention
  • Creative snacks reinforce the lesson
  • Simple songs help kids remember what they learn
With these lessons, you'll introduce preschoolers to key age-appropriate topics such as:
  • God Loves Me--Who God is and what he means to me
  • I Can Love Others--How God wants us to treat others
  • I Can Love God--How God wants me to share his love
Wtitten by seasoned teachers and children's ministers, these ready-to-go lessons really work with young children. Simply review the simple instructions, gather the easy-to-find supplies, and watch your preschoolers grow!
79 pages
7" x 10" softcover

Part 1: A Look at Myself
What Can I Do?
Honor God by doing what he asks.
Green With Envy
Give thanks for what we have and for what others have.
Frightening Fears
See that God is bigger than fears. God takes care of us.
What Makes Me Special?
Celebrate our uniqueness.
Part 2: A Look at My Relationships
Friends Forever
Be a friend by showing God's love.
Being Kind
Understand the importance of kindness and practice it.
Learning to Share
Learn to share our gifts.
Lend a Helping Hand
Reach out to people who are hurting.
Part 3: A Look at My Faith
Who Is God?
Learn about God's love, care, and gifts.
Who Is Jesus?
Discover Jesus is with us wherever we go.
Talking to God
Know God hears and answers prayers.
God’s Gift—Forgiveness
Know Jesus forgives us and wants us to forgive others.
Heaven: Home, Sweet Home
Talk about our home where we'll live forever with God.
Welcome to a resource filled with exciting, active Bible lessons for preschool children ages 3 to 5. These fun sessions will hold your kids' attention and teach self-esteem-building, friendship-boosting, faith-developing topics.
Eye-Popping Bible Lessons for Preschool offers 13 simple-to-follow lessons that combine lively learning, colorful art projects, and scrumptious snacks.
This book is divided into these three parts:
  • Part 1: A Look at Myself—Preschoolers are growing and facing new experiences daily. This section covers topics that help young children with fear, responsibility, envy, and self-esteem.
  • Part 2: A Look at My Relationships—This section helps preschoolers look past themselves to others. Topics include kindness, helping those who are hurting, sharing, and friendship.
  • Part 3: A Look at My Faith—Preschool children are interested in God, the church, and their developing faith. Faith-building topics include heaven, prayer, God’s love, forgiveness, and more about God and his Son, Jesus.

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