Activating God Space
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Equipping your people to be the church in everyday life
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Elevate your church or ministry’s vision for outward focused living with Activating God Space!

Activating God Space provides the insights and practices necessary to produce an outward focused culture. Six encouraging sessions provide vision, fire up inspiration, and deliver practical coaching to create a fresh, magnetic culture from the inside out. A culture that attracts outsiders, energizes insiders, and mobilizes God's people for effective outreach.

Activating God Space can be used to transform and equip the following:
• Campus ministries
• Churches
• Church plants
• Marketplace Ministries
• Mission Trips
• Para-church ministries
• Small groups
• Youth ministries

Participants will experience a new sense of competence and confidence, increase the quality and the quantity of their spiritual conversations, and discover how to "be the church" in practical, doable, and organic ways.

Bring Activating God Space into your ministry setting, and stock up on Group's best-selling God Space book! Each Activating God Space participant will need a copy to get started!

Perfect for churches or ministries where stagnation or decline has set in—and for those growing churches and ministries wanting to stay on the cutting edge of advancing God's Kingdom!
Each kit includes...
  • LEADER GUIDE that provides easy-to-use scripts for 6 life-changing sessions
  • MEDIA PACK DVD including live-audience video segments featuring God Space author and speaker Doug Pollock
  • CD featuring session outlines, reproducible handouts, and practical training tips and tools
  • 1 COPY of God Space (the participant book everyone will need)
  • Bonus DVD with relevant assignments to help participants move from information to transformation
  • Insightful assessments —to help participants evaluate their attempts to engage not-yet believers in meaningful ways

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Q: Can you do the 6 Sessions over 2 weekend workshops or is it best to do it over a six week period? We would like to do a two-weekend workshop that would do 3 sessions per weekend (friday evening, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon). Is the currriculum able to be used in this fashion?
Asked : Jan 11, 2018
By : Bobby Rau, Campbell River, BC, Canada
A: Yes, you could use this in a workshop setting. Please be sure to look at the sample provided and read the section titled "Some Hints and Helps for Leading" and then read through the one full session available in this sample. That will give you a great view on how each session will work.
Answered : Jan 11, 2018
By : Robin
Q: How many God Space cards in the kit I am going to purchase the Activating God Space kit and was wondering how many God Space cards are included in the kit?
Asked : Aug 28, 2017
By : Nancy, Arkansas
A: There is one sample card in the kit. To purchase more, please look up this item number You can enter item number 9781470737788 and the product should come up for you. They are priced at $6.99 for a package of 25 cards.
Answered : Aug 28, 2017
By : Robin

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Queanbeyan NSW Australia, NA
February 13, 2018
"I have been teaching Scripture lessons from your books for years, but may I add in love, that the books with lessons have too much information, we only get about half an hour to teach and the lessons are just overloaded, less is best for small children and simple lessons for certain ages, it needs to be easy for the kids to understand and enjoy and the teacher to access easily also, but I bless you in your work, time to go forward with all the technology. God Bless kindest regard I Spaits"