Sermons Reimagined
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By Rick Chromey

People today want to connect to God; they crave spirituality. But inside the walls of the church they are getting a 30- to 50-minute spiritual monologue. Simply put, sermons do not communicate effectively in a YouTube, Twitter, Google world. We just can't keep doing business--preaching--as usual in this fluid culture.

Sermons Reimagined is a church leadership resource that will teach you easy, practical ways to reach today's audiences, who:
  • Consume sound bites, not sermons
  • Process information visually, not verbally
  • Apply concepts through experiences and interaction, not passivity and lectures
With this ministry idea book, you'll learn other communication methods that reach audiences more effectively.

It's time to reimagine the sermon. This church leadership book will show you how.
140 pages
6" x 9" softcover

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