See-Through Life Student Book for Guys
Item 9781470712471
Tell A Friend
By Craig Gross with Adam Palmer

Do you realize just how crazy of a world you live in?

All the instant connectivity at your fingertips, combined with the ability to share just about anything on a whim through social media, means you have to be more careful about the things you say and do than any generation before you.

You have to live smart. You have to embrace being open. You have to live open. And the best way to follow that path is to embrace the idea of accountability with other guys —something that sounds intimidating but is actually the key to living an amazing life!

Being open provides safety—you can walk through life knowing someone is backing you up, no matter what. Being open leads to depth——being in intentional accountability will deepen you as a person and in your faith. Being open helps you live a life of freedom and liberty——because you aren'’t hiding anything, you won'’t be looking over your shoulder in worry.

See-Through Life will help you discover how to get and maintain accountability, how to get involved in your friends'’ world, and how to get equipped to pursue honesty, courage, and community--—all parts of true accountability.
92 pages
5" x 7" softcover
CRAIG GROSS has earned a reputation for boldly and courageously helping people pursue freedom, accountability, and personal integrity. He’s the founder of, which provides millions of visitors each year with practical and spiritual solutions to pornography issues. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Jeanette, and their children, Nolan and Elise.

ADAM PALMER is a hardworking freelance writer and author who has worked on over 30 books as a writer, co-writer, contributor, or editor, including all of the previous titles by Craig Gross. He has also written for stage and screen. He has been writing professionally since he was 17 years old and hasn’t looked back since. He currently lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife and five children.

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