10 Minute Moments: Plugged In
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by Doug Fields

The Bible is awesome, but there's a catch - it's big. And kind of daunting to a lot of students. There's no better guidebook for their life, but a lot of times they just don't know where to crack the cover.

Look no further. We've got your back.

10-Minute Moments: Plugged In is a daily devotional that's set up as a journal. Students read a Bible passage, poke their brain with a few questions, get some suggestions on what to pray about, and then space to write down their thoughts. It's a one-month plan that's easy to read and easy to stick with. And, if you hadn't guessed from the title, each "lesson" only takes about 10 minutes.

This time around, they'll tackle the five biblical purposes of our lives: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism. Keep ‘em on hand for new students, pass ‘em out as graduation gifts, or just hide them in their backpacks. You can't lose!

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