Security Scenarios DVD: Training Your Team for Security Threats
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DVD training providing scenarios for church security teams to practice responding to security threats.
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To cement your church security team’s training, it’s imperative to walk through the “what ifs”—What if a child is lost? What if domestic violence spills over in to the sanctuary? What if a shooter opens fire?—as if they were going to happen. Because what your team practices again and again will come more naturally when they’re asked to apply what they’ve learned.
This video presents a variety of security threats as well as best practices and tips for enhancing your team’s training. This information will also help you develop your own policies and procedures for handling threats to your church’s security.
Missing child (5:34)
Theft of the offering (5:38)
Attack on the pastor (6:35)
Domestic conflict (8:40)
Active shooter (8:35)
Gather with your safety and security team to watch this DVD and discuss the thought-provoking questions posed throughout.

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