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By Doug Fields

The Old Testament isn't just "the stuff that happened before Jesus;" it's God's word for us today. This series takes a look at five of the heavy hitters of the OT and examines what we can learn from them for our lives today.

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Week 1 - David
David and Goliath: names that are famous even among people who claim no religion at all. There's something about the underdog triumphing over insurmountable odds that makes us rejoice. But the lesson we learn from David is not what the little guy can do; it's what the big, big God fighting for the little guy can do.

Week 2 - Abraham
God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son as evidence of Abraham's love for Him. It's an unthinkable request to us, yet Abraham follows God, trusting Him completely. Thankfully, God does not ask us to sacrifice our children, but He does call us to be willing to give ANYTHING for Him. That idea is a lot easier to understand after hearing this message.

Week 3 - Noah
How would you like to spend years building an ark and another year cooped up on it, feeding and cleaning up after every kind of animal on earth? Me neither. But Noah showed perseverance, which is something we will all need to finish this marathon called the Christian life. This message wil help your students train for their own marathon.

Week 4 - Elijah
Arguably the greatest showdown of the Old Testament, this message examines Elijah's contest against the 850 prophets of Baal. It's an exciting passage that tells us how to stand when the odds are against us (and how to retreat when we need to).

Week 5 - Daniel
Daniel was many things in Babylon: dream interpreter, able administrator, king's favorite. But the one we look at here is Daniel as God's faithful servant, who refused to hide his faith or swerve from it, no matter what the cost to him. This message looks at what it means to be persecuted for your faith and how to hold on to it during the tough times.

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