LIVE Curriculum: Centered on Jesus

LIVE curriculum can make youth ministry a little easier by offering a small group curriculum that is impactful and flexible. By using LIVE youth Bible study curriculum, youth ministers are freed up to follow God’s direction for their ministry, all while being able to invest more time with students and parents. LIVE youth ministry lessons don’t exist to replace what God is leading you to do, nor does our youth ministry curriculum aim to remove your voice while teaching. LIVE youth group curriculum does exist to come alongside of you and put you in complete control of what you teach and when you teach it.

LIVE curriculum is designed to simplify your youth ministry and save you time. Every youth Bible study lesson is written and tested in the trenches by youth ministry veterans. Our youth ministry lessons have so much to offer, and our goal is to help youth leaders guide students to lead a Jesus-Centered life. Plus, with LIVE youth ministry curriculum, youth leaders have access to our state-of-the-art online management system, making youth ministry planning easier than ever. You can follow our lesson schedule, or customize your calendar with your own order of small group lessons.

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Deciding to follow Jesus is cause for massive celebration—both on earth and in heaven. The phrase "life-changing" definitely applies. Although this kind of commitment brings an initial rush of excitement, the freshness of a newfound faith can dissipate, leaving students unsure about what comes next.

This eight-week small group curriculum series will help all teenagers—new and longtime Christians alike—think about important aspects of the faith journey. They'll have opportunities to ask questions, explore the Bible, and grow their relationship with Jesus. LIVE My New Life with Jesus offers powerful youth ministry lessons that work for youth groups, small groups and Sunday School classes, too. 


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LIVE High School youth group curriculm will equip youth leaders to speak into students' lives and help them discover the value of living a Jesus-centered life. The four years of high school are a formative season in a teenager'’s life. Friends, parents, teachers, coaches, and culture all influence your students'’ decisions, including what to focus on and where to invest their time. Because the pressures on young people today are more intense than ever, a Jesus-centered perspective is essential. Filled with impactful High School Bible study lessons, this small group curriculum series will help your teens grow closer to Jesus.

Junior high students are uniquely wonderful creatures, and we've created LIVE Junior High youth group curriculum to speak directly and powerfully to this awesome age group!

We've rebuilt LIVE Junior High small group curriculum from the ground up, structuring every series, every lesson around a Jesus-centered focus with brand-new scope and sequence, new topics, new lessons, new activities, new questions, and new resources for engaging parents. This junior high minstry curriculum works for youth group, small groups, Sunday School classes and more.

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Looking for creative, holiday-focused ways to capture your students’ attention all year long? Your wish is our command: We’re proud to unveil LIVE Holiday small group curriculum, part of our LIVE Curriculum line of resources. With at least one lesson for every month, your calendar needs will be covered.

LIVE Holiday uses 18 fun, exciting lessons to teach important truths throughout the year:

Quarter 1:
  • January: New Year’s Day & Martin Luther King Day
  • February: Valentine’s Day
  • March: National Waffle Day
Quarter 2:
  • April: Easter (3 weeks)
  • May: Mother’s Day
  • June: Father’s Day
Quarter 3:
  • July: Independence Day
  • August: National Trail Mix Day
  • September: Labor Day & See You at the Pole
Quarter 4:
  • October: Halloween
  • November: Thanksgiving (2 weeks)
  • December: Christmas (2 weeks)

Plus, LIVE Holiday small group curriculum includes access to the innovative new LIVE Daily app that sends teenagers “in the moment” prompts and ideas for living out their faith. Each day’s idea taps into different ways that people learn — through serving others, reading Scripture, tackling questions, looking toward Jesus, and worshipping in ways beyond singing songs.

LIVE Holiday youth group curriculum makes the holidays memorable for your students while helping them discover how the Bible remains relevant to their lives, too.

There's a new addition to the LIVE curriculum family, and we're extremely proud to announce the upcoming release of LIVE College and Young Adult! Balancing the everyday topics like knowledge, trust, fear, and the leader's desire to continue to lay a biblical foundation for their ministry, LIVE College and Young Adult aims to show 18-20somethings the relevance of God's Word for their lives.

Whether you use the 72 young adult Bible study lessons at the local coffee shop, taco stand, or oil change station, LIVE College and Young Adult is designed to save you time as you work to make a lasting impact in the lives of a generation that is getting lost in the mix. With these powerful Bible studies for young adults and college students, you can lead young people to live Jesus-Centered lives.
Do you oversee a broad age range of students in your ministry? Are you looking for a tween Bible study that will impact your preteens? Are you eager to engage your younger students in a dynamic curriculum that bridges the gap between children's ministry and youth ministry?

That's why we created LIVE 5th and 6th Grade! More than just a Bible study for tweens, this small group curriculum series is a powerful tool for helping younger students explore key biblical truths and scriptural moments—. The LIVE youth group curriculum series for 5th and 6th graders is designed with the goal of helping tweens and preteens live Jesus-centered lives as they discover what the Bible is all about.
Your students may know a lot about Jesus, but do they truly know him? With our Christ centered youth ministry curriculum, LIVE Jesus-Centered Life, you can lead your youth ministry to pursue Jesus. 

Today's teenagers are starving for "more of Jesus"-not just more information, but a deeper, richer, truer encounter of him. LIVE Jesus-Centered Life offers Christ centered Bible studies created to unlock the door to deeper conversations and explorations that satisfy this hunger. Each Bible study lesson offers a snapshot of Jesus that will help students know him better and follow him more sincerely.
Want your students to experienced a changed life and a deeper faith in Christ? Growing in Christ starts with knowing who he is, and that’s the total focus of LIVE Year With Jesus! Filled with impactful Bible study lessons on Jesus, this youth ministry curriculum series works for youth groups, small groups and Sunday Schools.

The 36 Bible study lessons in this character study will provide your students with an in-depth look at the life of Jesus. Through this Christ centered curriculum, teens discover who Jesus is, what he did during his earthly ministry, the truths that he taught, and how teenagers can share the message of Jesus with their world today.

Jesus calls us to experience true freedom; yet far too many teenagers face seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles. How can we help our students get unstuck from life's pains and problems?  Try this freedom in Christ Bible study series, and help your teens experience true freedom by understanding who God created them to be.

With the LIVE Journey to Freedom small group curriculum series, teens boldly examine some of the toughest issues facing young people today. These 36 freedom in Christ Bible study lessons for teens will help junior high through college-age students break free from life'’s hurts and habits. Go beyond behavior Band-Aids and cut right to the heart of what’'s really going on for true healing. It'’s all about finding freedom through Jesus.
Imagine empowering your students to explore some life-shaping, thought-provoking, Jesus-centered truths that can transform them into the kind of people God crafted them to be.

That's what LIVE Simple Truth small group curriculum is all about!

Each Bible study lesson powerfully reveals what it means to deeply love and trust God, to lead a Jesus-centered life, and to lean on Scripture for guidance and wisdom. The discussions skillfully connect the dots between the ancient truths of Scripture and the issues teenagers face living in the 21st century.

The Bible lessons on truth are built around four central themes from Scripture:
Oneness With God
Sin and Separation
Consequences and Crying Out
God Hears and Restores

Through this LIVE curriculum series, teenagers will discover how to experience hope in the middle of tough times, how God deeply and passionately loves them, how to build an authentic friendship with Jesus, and how they were created to lead a life of impact in this world and for eternity.

LIVE Simple Truth small group curriculum will help your students join the generation of teenagers committed to experiencing God's constant, daily presence in their lives! And, these youth ministry lessons work for youth groups, small groups, and Sunday School classes.

This item is available as a digital resource only. A physical resource will not be shipped for this item. You'll receive login credentials to the LIVE engine within 1 business day of purchase.
In a pluralistic culture filled with numerous voices and worldviews, how can we help our students more clearly understand, explain, and defend their Christian faith? The 17 lessons in LIVE Apologetics small group curriculum for youth will equip teenagers to do just that!  

This apologetics Bible study for youth groups offers youth ministry lessons that will encourage students to respond well to other worldviews. And, this apologetics Bible study for students works for many settings, from youth group to Sunday School.  All of LIVE youth curriculum is geared to lead students to live a more Jesus-centered life.  See what this small group curriculum series can do to better prepare your teens to live out the truth in the real world. 
By Leneita Fix and Jeffrey Wallace

Your students may know a lot about Jesus, but do they truly know him?

When some people think of urban youth ministry, they picture dangerous neighborhoods, run-down schools, and police sirens in the middle of the night.

While that image does describe daily life for some teenagers, we recognize that urban youth ministry isn’t just about reaching out to the inner city. It'’s less about a street address and more about a generation stuck in survival mode—--students struggling with their identity, with families that are hurting and broken, existing rather than living. Your passion as a youth worker is to see those teenagers move to a place of thriving in Christ.

That’s why we created LIVE Urban youth group curriculum. These 16 youth Bible study lessons move beyond urban stereotypes and creatively engage your students in dynamic conversations built around four fundamental themes: parents, self-image, friendships, and the need to belong. When looking for new urban youth ministy ideas, try this Christ centered curriculum series.  LIVE curriculum is designed to point today's youth toward living more Jesus-centered lives.

LIVE Curriculum Offers Affordable Pricing

LIVE youth ministry curriculum is affordable for small churches, large churches, and everything in between.

Try LIVE curriculum when looking for the best youth ministry lessons centered on Jesus. Our youth Bible study lessons are created to show students how Jesus changes everything from the inside out. LIVE youth ministry curriculum will help youth leaders make the maximum impact on your youth group. We offer small group curriculum for all stages of youth, including junior high, high school and college.

Youth ministers love that LIVE curriculum is optimal for on-the-go use. Access LIVE youth ministry lessons whether you’re on the bus to camp or hanging out at a coffee shop. Opt to print LIVE youth Bible study lessons - perfect for the old-school teacher who wants a printed curriculum book in their hands - as copies of our small group curriculum are usually received within 10 business days. Along with our youth group curriculum, youth ministers love The Administrator Page (dashboard), which is the hub of the LIVE Curriculum website. We make it easy to update your leaders and volunteers about changes, plus you can send lesson change notifications to your leaders.

With LIVE curriculum, youth leaders gain credibility by connecting well with students and parents. Use the Daily App to effortlessly and regularly remind your students of the Bible study lessons you’ve just prayerfully taught them in youth group. The LIVE Daily app is available upon purchase of LIVE Holiday, Junior High, and High School. Using the LIVE youth ministry curriculum customizable parent email template, youth ministers can help parents deepen their relationships with their kids. Share youth Bible study topics, and give parents opportunities to connect with their kids in fresh ways that coincide with what you’re teaching in youth group.

LIVE curriculum is easy to customize around your ministry schedule. For youth ministry lessons and youth group events, create an unlimited number of calendars. With our calendars, you can see your youth group plans by day, week, month, or quarter. If you’re looking for new youth ministry curriculum from LIVE, try our new releases like LIVE Books of the Bible and LIVE My New Life with Jesus. We’re excited that LIVE youth group curriculum will help your students follow the journey of a Jesus-centered life.

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