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Help kids LIVE
like Jesus


Get kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids...for less than $3 a week!

LIVE curriculum helps get your kids to actually read their Bibles, strengthen their Bible skills, and learn key Bible truths. Its large group/small group format is perfect for Children's Church, Midweek, or a Sunday school with mixed-age groups of elementary kids.

This easy-to-use intuitive online system for you and your teachers lightens the administrative load of your Christian education program. You'll be planning lessons and collaborating with teachers and volunteers within minutes.

Bible Content

You truly get to make this YOUR curriculum

LIVE is available in convenient, budget-friendly yearly volumes that can be used in any order you choose. Each volume includes access to the online managment system, 52 customizable lessons, music videos and countdowns. All lessons can be edited and reordered to best fit your ministry's needs!

1 Age Level:
Elementary only

Scope and Sequence:
3 years

Large group/small group

60-90 minutes

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The LIVE Children's Curriculum Difference

Here are a few reasons
you'll love LIVE Children's Curriculum:

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Easy Planning and Communication

Teachers and volunteers can access their lesson plans for prep 24/7, view schedules and upcoming events, and stay connected through message center and news feeds.

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Fully Customizable

Customizing lessons to fit your kids, teachers, church, and schedule is easy and just “one click away.” You can easily edit, add content, and reorder the lessons however you choose. And LIVE gives you the tools to communicate, schedule, and share—all from one central location.

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Digital Curriculum

With this fully digital curriculum, leaders have the power to customize their lesson content, communicate their schedule, and organize their team.


Worship music
videos bring your
lessons to life

Here are some examples
the music and videos
you'll find inside:

Music Video

Sample Music Video

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Choosing LIVE Children's Curriculum is Easy!

Every LIVE Curriculum purchase gives you an entire year of access to the LIVE Curriculum online management system that provides you with powerful tools to fully customize lessons and calendars, communicate with leaders, and more. Easily renew your access to the LIVE Curriculum online management system yearly.

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Everything you need
starting at $179.00*

You’ll also be able to create an online calendar to schedule your lessons, and you’ll have powerful tools to communicate effectively with teachers and helpers–and give them as much (or as little) access as you choose.
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