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If you have a Easy Order Account, you may log in by visiting here, and clicking on "Manage my Easy Orders" in the upper right.
The Easy Order Program is a no-fuss way for you to receive your curriculum order each quarter--and get free shipping! If you have a current Church customer account with Group, you can place your order for curriculum just once, and you'll receive your order on time each quarter, without having to call in your order throughout the year. Oh, and, by the way, you get free shipping on your easy order!
Change Dates and Ship Dates will vary depending on your location. Please choose your state from the list below and the key dates for the next four quarters will be displayed for your shipping zone. You will also receive an email reminder at least one week before your final change date.
It's simple! To sign up for Easy Order, you must have a current Church customer account with Group. Sign up for Easy Order or learn more about getting a customer account by calling Group at 1-800-447-1070 .
In the order section of your account, select the new item you'd like from the drop-down "Select items to add"menu at the bottom of your current items. Then select the "add item" button, and your order will automatically update. Keep in mind that not all products are available for summer, and if they aren't, your easy order will be kept on hold for that product until the fall quarter.
Select the "delete" button to the right of that item to delete an item. Or change the current quantity in the box next to an item to "0" and select the "Save Changes" button to complete the change.
You'll need to register with Group's Shop Online to create a password. Then, once you login, your profile page will have a link to the orders you've selected for the current quarter. Choose the curriculum link you'd like to view.
The quantities will be set automatically to your current easy order request. To change a quantity, simply select the current quantity in the box next to an item and re-type the new amount. Be sure to select the "Save Changes" button to complete the change.
The order you place with the current quarter of curriculum will automatically carry over to the next quarter unless you change it. To make changes to future quarters, you must wait until your current quarter is shipped, then login to make changes to the next quarter. Or call 1-800-447-1070 to have a customer service representative help you with changes.
The only quarter you can skip is summer. To skip the summer quarter of a given item, remove the check from the checkbox that's associated with the current quarter. Be sure to click on the "Save Changes" button to save your changes to your order.
Items that are released annually will ship during the fall quarter of each year. When you are able to change items for your fall shipment, all annual items will appear in that order as well, and you can view or change those items. They will not appear on your order for any other quarter. Typically you'll be able to view fall items starting in May.
Because the Easy Order Program includes free shipping, there are no shipping options. All orders will be shipped via UPS Ground delivery. Orders will be shipped to arrive four to six weeks before the start of the quarter. Orders with different shipping options can be placed as usual through Group's online store or via phone at 1-800-447-1070 .