Kids’ Bibles and Bible Books

You’ll love our collection of kids’ Bibles and Bible books. We have kids’ Bible books and Bibles just for preschoolers, like My First Hands-On Bible, Best of Buddies, and Bible Big Books. And we have children’s Bibles and books for elementary-aged kids, too. All of our children’s ministry resources will help you share a love for God’s Word with your kids.

For new kids’ Bibles and books, look into products from The Friends With God collection. The Friends With God Story Bible for children and The Friends With God Devotions for Kids help children learn about God and his desire to know them. You can also find kids’ Bible books on prayer and Bible reading in Friends With God: Discover How to Pray and Friends With God: Discover How to Read the Bible. These Bible books show kids the importance of spending time with God through prayer and reading the Bible.

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Best of Li'l Buddies Board Book Set

Little ones will be delighted to meet these six Li'l Buddies: Decker, Skyler, Bubba, Abbee, Beacon, and Tina. They'll love these winsome characters, each of whom reinforces a key Bible truth in age-appropriate ways...

  • God made them (From Head to Toe, God Made Me)
  • God is always for them (Mad, Glad, or Sad, God Is for Me)
  • God is always with them (Everywhere I Go, God Is With Me)
  • God will always love them (All Day Long, God Loves Me)
  • God made them for a reason (Here's the Reason God Made Me)
  • God is always close (Never Fear, God is Near)
Best of Buddies Storybook Set

Kids will discover that they are unique creations of God. And they’ll love joining Decker, Skyler, Bubba, Abbee, Beacon, and Tina as these buddies celebrate their God-given talents and discover five important, life-changing lessons:

  • God made them for a reason (I’ve Got This!)
  • God is always with them (Is Anyone Out There?)
  • God made them (I Was Born for This!)
  • God will always love them (Uh-Oh! I Did It Again!)
  • God is always for them (I Can Do Anything!)
  • God is always with them (A Flurry of Worry)
Here's the Reason God Made Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)
By Mikal Keefer
Illustrated by Paula Becker

This busy, buzzy, bumbly bee has a story to share with you—and me! 
Whether dancing or prancing or leaning in for a hug and snuggle, Abbee knows she's been made for just those moments. 
Made by God…a heart-healthy lesson every child longs to discover!
God's Mighty Makers Activity Book
Welcome to the best activity book ever!

That's because your kids won't just pass time—they'll draw, doodle, write, collect, and create their way to new discoveries about Jesus...and about themselves!

These all-new activities unleash your kids’ creativity with hours of expressive, inventive, God-focused fun. And because every page is tied to a Bible truth, kids grow closer to Jesus, too.
God's Mighty Makers Preschool Activity Book
Here’s bushels of fun for your little ones! 
These activity books are specially designed for children age 3 and up, with tracing, sorting, coloring, counting, practicing letters and numbers, and valuable help developing the motor skills preschoolers need for school success. 
And all the while your kids discover how much God loves them! That’s because every page reinforces a Bible truth—and the activities ultimately point toward Jesus. 
All Day Long, God Loves Me (Best of Li’l Buddies)
By Mikal Keefer
Illustrated by Nomar Perez

Sleeping or playing or in flight with his flock, God loves Skyler around the clock! 
Join this li'l bird on a flight of fun—and discovery. 
From a morning stretch—so big!—to a tuck-in yawn, Skyler feels the sun on his wings and the love of God warming his heart. 
Young children will see how Skyler’s day is just like their own. And they can feel just like Skyler feels: loved! 
From Head to Toe, God Made Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)
By Mikal Keefer
Illustrated by David Harrington

Two giggly friends splash in the sea. Can you tell which one is me? 
What do a curious child and an even more curious li’l crab have in common? 
A sunny beach…a day of sandy, splashy fun…and a Creator who made them both. 
Here's the perfect place to launch a conversation about diversity and the joy of seeing past our differences to what we have in common. 
I've Got This! (Best of Buddies)
By Jeff White
Illustrated by Drew Krevi

When Abbee’s friends need help, she’s the first one to buzz on over and lend a hand (or six). There’s no problem too puzzling, no trouble too tricky, and no mess too massive for Abbee to fix! And she knows God made her to do things no one else can do. I've Got This!  helps kids discover that God made them for a reason.
I Can Do Anything! (Best of Buddies)
By Jeff White
Illustrated by Gary LaCoste

Tina is tiny. She's downright itsy-bitsy. If you blink you might miss her! But that won’t stop Tina from doing big things! She knows God is for her, and God is bigger than any challenge she’ll ever face — including learning what being a friend truly means. I Can Do Anything! lets kids know they can do anything with God. 
Is Anyone Out There? (Best of Buddies)
By Jeff White
Illustrated by Rogério Coelho

It doesn't matter how big you are — there's always something bigger. As Bubba swims the endless ocean, he loses his way and gets lonely. But with every bubble he blows and every flip of his fin, Bubba remembers God never leaves his side. Kids learn in Is Anyone Out There? that God is always with them.
I Was Born For This! (Best of Buddies)
By Jeff White
Illustrated by John Jay Cabuay

Decker loves to decorate. He paints. He sparkles. And he adds beauty to everything he sees. That’s how God made him! But today Decker is up to something special — a surprise for his friends. Can Decker pull it off? I Was Born for This!  shows kids that God made them to do extraordinary things, too.
Uh-Oh! I Did It Again! (Best of Buddies)
By Jeff White
Illustrated by David Harrington

Skyler is an expert builder and inventor. He can make almost anything! But he can break almost anything, too. It seems that for every success, there’s also a mess. Yet Skyler's smile never leaves his face because God loves him anyway. Uh-Oh! I Did It Again!  is a story that assures kids that God will always love them, no matter what.

We have kids’ Bibles and Bible books for kids of all ages!

Preschoolers love Bible lessons told through the Best of Li’l Buddies  and Best of Buddies books. These kids’ Bible books feature stunning full-color illustrations and Bible truths little ones can comprehend. You’ll love that these Bible books for children offer lessons that will sink deep into your child's heart and mind. For younger kids, check out our Best of Li'l Buddies Board Book Set featuring books packed with age-appropriate Bible truth.

One of the best kids’ Bibles includes the Hands-On Bible. These Bibles for children use hands-on lessons and illustrations to communicate God's Word in an active, understandable way. You’ll love that these Bibles feature the full New Living Translation text, plus activities and experiences that invite kids to get into the Scriptures and "do" God's Word. These children’s Bibles are perfect for elementary-aged kids. Try the My First Hands-On Bible for younger kids (ages 3-6), and share Bible stories with real Scripture from the easy-to-read NLT. Hands-On Bibles for kids are great because they help kids see the "Jesus Connection" throughout the whole Bible. 

Along with kids’ Bibles, check out the Hands-On Bible: 365 Devotions for Kids. Through these kids’ Bible devotions, children get into the Bible, and the Bible will get into their hearts for a firm faith foundation in God. We have other children’s Bible books from Hands-On Bible, too, like Bible Big Books. These colorful, attention-getting 16”x20” Bible books can be used in any setting to teach children about important Bible stories.

Find kids’ Bibles for the littlest ones in the Pray & Play Bible for Young Children series. These kids’ Bible books are perfect for helping children learn to love God's Word. The children’s Bible books feature Bible stories with big-book Bible art, child-friendly language and fun Bible story activities that help children love and remember God's Word. Parents, Sunday school workers, grandparents, children's church workers, daycare workers, and homeschoolers all love these Bible story books that help children experience Bible stories in unforgettable ways.

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