Group's Pricing Policy

Group's policy will allow for resellers to price within a 10% variance of retail pricing, whether in straight price discount, free or supplementary product or any combination thereof. This would also be inclusive of all special offers, coupons and/or promotions resellers may choose to do, unless notification from Group is provided to all resellers for a temporary allowance to deviate from Group's policy for reasons aforementioned.

The pricing policy applies to the VBS programs and dated Curriculum. All other Group resources such as undated Curriculum, Women's Retreats, resources, and Lifetree products are excluded from this pricing policy.

Group reserves the right to reposition its pricing and discount variance at its sole discretion. To ensure that its products are within the pricing tolerances as described herein and at its sole discretion, Group Publishing may choose to discontinue supplying a reseller whose pricing and discounting practices deviate from the policy and philosophy that Group Publishing has chosen for itself.

Group's Wholesale Return Policy

  • Outlet items are non-returnable.
  • Credit will be given on returnable items that are in sellable condition and still in print. Price stickers, sticky residue and any security tags must be removed.
  • Reseller is responsible for all shipping costs to physically return product.
  • If products are returned to Group and a credit is not issued for any reason, the products will NOT be shipped back to the customer.