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Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry

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13 Bible stories that pack powerful points


Your teenagers may think they've already heard all the Bible has to offer... but they're in for a fun surprise! Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies highlights 13 wild--but true--Bible stories that pack powerful points.

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Product Info


So maybe the Bible doesn't top your teenagers' reading lists. They've heard all the Sunday school stories, and they think the Bible is nothing more than a collection of mild stories, neatly wrapped and tied with a bow. Been there, done that.

They're in for a surprise! Even young people who have grown up in Sunday school may not have heard—let alone studied—some of the more sensational stories in the Bible. Have they ever wrestled with why Jesus placed spit on a blind man? Have they ever tried to understand Ezekiel's incredible description of God? Have they ever wondered why God told a prophet to marry an adulterous woman?

Use these Bible studies to capture your teenagers' attention and to help them wrestle with some important questions. Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry will remind them about God's power, protection, forgiveness, glory, and more.

These forty-five- to sixty-minute Bible studies present plenty of context and background information to help you and your students study the Bible in depth. Teenagers will be intrigued by the stories and, at the same time, challenged by the lessons they contain.

Use the Bible studies in this book to capture your students' interest in studying the Bible. You'll be helping them understand more about God in the process. Plus, you'll teach them to let the Bible take them by surprise.

Copyright © 2000 Group Publishing, Inc.


Your teenagers may think they've already heard all the Bible has to offer... but they're in for a fun surprise! Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry highlights 13 wild—but true—Bible stories that pack powerful points.

With this youth ministry curriculum, your teenagers can experience important Bible lessons while proving once and for all that the Bible is anything but boring. With attention-grabbing, true Bible stories, outrageous, memorable activities, and intense scriptural truths, your teens will learn the Bible like they never have before... and love every minute of it! The youth group lessons found in Believe-It-or-Not are guaranteed to provoke discussion and these easy-to-prepare Sunday school lessons for youth fit well into any schedule with enough material for 30-, 45- and 60-minute lessons. Teach your youth ministry to expect the unexpected from the most important book they'll ever read, and you'll fuel their interest for a lifetime!

Product Detail

96 pages

8.5" x 11" softcover

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • An Unusual Messenger: Balaam's Donkey God knows our hearts.
  • Forgiving God, Forever Loyal: Ehud and the Fat King God forgives
  • Using the Unexpected: Jael and the Tent Peg God can use anyone.
  • An Odd Weapon: Samson and the Donkey Jaw Nothing is impossible with God.
  • God's Rightful Place: Dagon's Fall We must honor God.
  • Unbelievable Power: Elisha and the Bears God has amazing power.
  • Healing Water: Naaman's Baths We can trust God.
  • Amazing God: Ezekiel's Vision God's glory is beyond our comprehension.
  • Dead Bones Rise: The Valley of Dry Bones God alone brings us life.
  • A Marriage With a Message: Hosea's Marriage God is faithful.
  • Sight and Salvation: Jesus Places Spit on a Blind Man God makes us whole.
  • Fallings and Failings: Eutychus' Fatal Nap God is full of grace.
  • Snake Attack: Paul and the Snake God protects us.
  • Scripture Index

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High School
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Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry