Discover the Group VBS Difference

Download the Group VBS Overview, which includes:

  • An overview of Group VBS programs
  • Sample Bible Adventures lesson from Rocky Railway VBS
  • A planning calendar
  • A sample of Group VBS music (mp3)

Download VBS Sampler

What our friends in ministry are saying about Group VBS:

"I love that Group provides a VBS that is super engaging, easy to organize, relatable to both kids and adults, and impacts not just participants, but also volunteers and the entire community!"

-Justin, VBS Director

" can count on Group to make it Bible-centered and filled with fun."

-Rhonda, VBS Director

"It's excellent! Lots of rave reviews from kids and parents. It's a joy to teach and supply-wise, my favorite. Nothing too obsure, very adaptable, very teachable, with a high impact. Time and again our favorite for good reason!"

-Amanda, VBS Director