Welcome Kids Back and Process the Challenges From the Past Few Months

Free Sunday School Lessons for Preschool, Elementary, and Preteens

Celebrate moving back into a more normal Sunday school routine while helping process the impact of stay-at-home orders.

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Featuring downloadable scripts for preschool, elementary, and preteen-aged kids, these specially designed transition lessons provide a natural way to guide kids back into Sunday school. Created with the help of child psychologist Joseph White, each lesson will carefully discuss and process the issues social isolation may have caused, including:

  • Separation anxiety: Many preschoolers won’t remember having been separated from their parents prior to the pandemic, so separation anxiety will be on the rise. Lessons include a smoother parent drop-off process to help with this.
  • Feelings of being unsafe: As you transition back into normal church life, some things won’t be normal. You may have extra safety precautions like hand sanitizer and social distancing. Rather than making these precautions feel like a scary thing, we’ve built them into the logistics of the lessons so they feel more natural and even fun!
  • A need to process the events of the past few months: Kids will have experienced varying levels of trauma, but we’ve included tips and tricks for addressing those differences. Plus, we’ve given space for kids to safely process what they’ve experienced through drawing.

Most of all, each transition focuses on celebrating being together again to worship God while paralleling the Israelites celebrating crossing the Jordan River.

Perfect for churches reopening their children’s ministries after stay-at-home precautions end.