Youth Ministry Course

Making Parents Your Allies in Youth Ministry

Coming June 2019

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Course Overview

Both research and experience confirm an undeniable truth: the parents of teenagers have a huge impact on teenagers’ spiritual growth and commitment to Jesus. Search Institute has found that the two primary predictors of a mature faith are “talking about faith with your mother” and “talking about faith with your father.”

Simply put, when the parents of your teenagers grow spiritually, so do the students you serve. It’s smart to invest in those parents—but how? What’s the best way to include and support parents? In this course you’ll gain a fresh perspective and valuable skills for promoting the parents of your teenagers from cooks, bottle washers, and taxi drivers to effective equippers of the faith.

Course Outcomes

U Discover

Exclusive research results from our “Tipping Point” survey of teenagers, revealing the key drivers that move kids from a fringe affinity for Jesus to a core commitment to Him.

How to move past complaints and tension over parents’ involvement in your ministry to an “ally” mentality.

“Beeline practices” to immerse students in a more trusting, risk-taking, and consuming relationship with Jesus.

Why making parents your allies is the “meat and potatoes” of your ministry to teenagers, not the “gravy.”

Innovative and experiential ways to engage parents in discipling their own kids.

U Will

Discover how to equip parents to grow the faith of their teenagers organically, naturally, and effectively.

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