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The source for youth group lessons and sermons is Group Publishing. Here you can find all of the essential youth ministry resources. Whether looking for classic youth group Bible study lessons or a new youth ministry sermon series, we have it all. Check out our downloadable sermons for youth groups and get inspired today.

In the LIVE Message Series Base Camp, find downloadable youth group lessons that challenge teenagers to open up their lives authentically and freely to Jesus. For a youth Bible study series that helps teenagers discover what it means to be God’s people, created in his image, check out LIVE Message Series: The True You. The LIVE Message Series: The Parables features lessons for youth ministry that help bring Jesus’ parables alive for teenagers in today’s culture. Download a LIVE Message Series for fresh youth group lessons that cover the basics of our faith.

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LIVE Message Series: Family Matters
Let’s face it, family is a complicated thing in today’s world. With blended families, divorce, sibling rivalry and much, much more, families have to work harder to be a unit that sticks together through thick and thin.
LIVE Message Series: Gold Stars
Today’s teenagers are plagued with false images, idols and roles that give them the wrong impression of who they really are. In this series students will see the identity that Jesus is desperate to shape within them.
With LIVE Teaching Series, Gold Stars, you’ll give teenagers a lifelong method for dealing with their doubts.
LIVE Message Series: Friends Forever
In this four-week message series you’ll help teenagers explore the power and purpose of deeper friendships in their lives. The series kicks off with a surprising revelation about the role Jesus plays in our developing friendships. Then you’ll help students take a deep dive into a wide array of biblical friendships, learning the qualities of a great friend along the way. As you reveal the truths locked up in Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan, they’ll consider who their “neighbors” really are. Finally, you’ll help them experience “another gear” in their relationships—“spiritual friendship.”

These youth group Bible lessons and sermons will lead your students closer to Jesus.

You don’t want to miss the youth group lessons in the LIVE Message Series: Many Parts, One Body. Packed with important lessons for youth ministry, this four-week message series helps teenagers discover their spiritual gifts. Then, download the LIVE Message Series: The Unit for a four-week youth sermon series that speaks to teenagers regarding their role in unifying the body of Christ. For sermons for youth groups craving more of Jesus, download Thirsty, a 3-week series that invites students to consider just how thirsty their soul may be and offers biblical solutions to help quench that spiritual thirst. Another downloadable option packed with Bible lessons for youth ministry is The Red Stuff Sermon Series, which focuses on the powerful words of Jesus.

Check out the conversational, experiential youth group lessons that reveal the heart of Jesus in 13 Essential Lessons From the New Testament. Or for youth Bible study lessons on the Old Testament, try 13 Essential Lessons From the Old Testament. For powerful lessons for youth ministry that cover the most important truths in the Bible, pick up The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers. These youth ministry lessons can be easily adapted for Sunday school, a confirmation setting, or even a youth discipleship group.

We have youth group lessons just for junior high students and middle schoolers. For a three-part youth Bible study series that helps junior high students become who God has already made them to be, download Made. For a youth Bible study series that is unique and highly interesting to middle schoolers, we have Scary, Gross and Weird Stories From the Bible. And for preteens, check out the active-learning, attention-grabbing youth ministry lessons in No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids.

Looking for youth group lessons to take your students deeper? Rooted: Old Testament will equip your students to examine the pages of Scripture with greater insight and clarity. Want lessons for youth ministry that focus on God? Download Trinity for a youth sermon series on who God is—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And Developing HABITS offers downloadable youth ministry lessons that outline six spiritual disciplines for all believers, young and old. Group has the youth group Bible lessons and sermons you need, plus all of the other youth ministry resources you want.

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