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Guy Talk Girl Talk
Was: $29.99
Now: $17.99
After a few decades in youth ministry, we've realized something--guys and girls are different. And significantly so, at that. So rather than the usual "one message fits all" approach, we've created an extensive 10-week small group curriculum with two paths, each specifically tailored for one gender or the other.
This small group curriculum series will help your students get solid biblical insight on topics ranging from friendships and gossip to peer pressure and sex. Designed to get your students talking about significant and real issues that they face everyday, you'll see your students begin to open up, share their thoughts and feelings, and witness the formation of deep and lasting friendships.
Bible Stuff Vol. 2
By Kurt Johnston

This time-saving small group curriculum gives students a fresh look at who God is and how he relates to us. In Jr. High Bible Stuff, Vol. 2, Kurt Johnston delivers 5 video lessons on the subject of God'’s story and how it intertwines with ours, from the moment of creation to the challenges of daily living your students wrestle with right now. It’'s a powerful mix of bible teaching, thought-provoking discussions, humor and practical applications--—and with all the prep work we’ve done for you, it may be the easiest thing you’'ve ever taught.
Bible Stuff 3: Hearing God's Call DVD Curriculum
God may not be speaking to your teenagers through a burning bush like Moses experienced, but he is still calling to them. Are they listening? Do they know how to listen for God's calling?

In Bible Stuff 3: Hearing God's Call, veteran youth workers Johnny Scott and Heather Flies will creatively teach your students what it means to sense God's direction and leading in our lives, and they'll present practical ways to help young people recognize and follow God's call.
Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry
Your teenagers may think they've already heard all the Bible has to offer...but they're in for a fun surprise! Believe-It-or-Not Bible Studies highlights 13 wild—but true—Bible stories that pack powerful points.

Now your teenagers can experience important Bible lessons while proving once and for all that the Bible is anything but boring. With attention-grabbing, true Bible stories; outrageous, memorable activities and intense scriptural truths, your teens will learn the Bible like they never have before...and love every minute of it! Guaranteed to provoke discussion in any group, these easy-to-prepare studies fit well into any schedule with enough material for 30-, 45- and 60-minute lessons. Teach your youth to expect the unexpected from the most important book they'll ever read and you'll fuel their interest for a lifetime!
Top 13 Questions About God: Intense Discussions for Youth Mi
By Group Publishing

Hard Questions. Solid Answers. Rock-Solid Faith. Jesus didn't duck challenging questions. He didn't have to. And neither do your students.Help students build a faith that can handle the tough questions.

Starting with these:
  • How can I know God exists?
  • How is Jesus different from Mohammed and Buddha?
  • What is salvation all about?
  • Why would a loving God send people to hell?
  • How can I hear God communicate to me?
  • Which is right: evolution or creation?
  • Will God forgive any and every sin?
  • And six more faith-building questions. 13 questions in all.

    In this book you'll find...
  • 13 interactive, discussion-provoking lessons on tough questions youth leaders overwhelmingly chose as most pressing for their students.
  • Reproducible student pages.
  • Flexible format that will work in youth meetings, Sunday school, small groups or in parachurch ministry meetings.

  • Help your teens build a tough, lasting faith.

    Formerly released by Group as Student-Led Discussions: How Can I Know God Exists.
    Hope Lives: A Journey of Restoration
    Was: $14.99
    Now: $3.00
    By Amber Van Schooneveld
    Compassion changes everything: how you view the world...yourself...even Jesus. Produced in partnership with Compassion International, this five-week exploration of compassion touches both the head and heart--And helps participants discover (and share) God's heart for the poor. The book contains 25 daily readings, divided into five one-week segments. Each of the 25 daily readings includes Scriptural support for the author's arguments, a page for journaling responses to challenging questions about the day's reading, and a prayer asking God for guidance through the issue at hand.
    Through the Bible in 12 Weeks
    Was: $14.99
    Now: $8.99
    This highly experiential study uses narration, conversation, and art to relate a powerful overview of God's big story--as revealed in the Bible! Teenagers will explore how this dynamic assortment of ancient books is interlinked, purposeful, and part of an ongoing adventure. They'll gain a better understanding of God's dealings with people throughout the history of the world--from Creation to the present, and into the future. To help them grasp the "big picture," teens will design a mural and add to it each week, developing a panoramic view of God's story. They'll see how they're part of His story, how their roots go back to Creation, and that their future can be in the New Creation. Great for young adult small groups!
    Active Bible Studies (download)
    By Kurt Johnston and Katie Edwards

    Do you ever get tired of that comatose-like state your junior highers slip into as soon as you start your lesson time? We thought so, which is why we created these Active Bible Studies. Each Bible study lesson is based on a teachable passage, features clear lesson plans, fun activities that tie in to each lesson, discussion questions and more. It is truly a turnkey resource for when you need to include a Bible study for small groups, camp, meetings, retreats, or whatever else you program demands. And each Bible study lesson is specifically designed to help junior highers apply God’s word to everyday life. Download this Bible study for teens, and make an impact on your junior high youth ministry.
    Guy Talk Girl Talk 2
    Was: $29.99
    Now: $17.99
    Since your ministry will never run out of guys and girls, we’re helping you out with more small group curriculum designed to tackle issues relevant to each gender--from each gender's point of view.

    In Guy Talk Girl Talk 2: The Cure For Cooties, you’'ll get ten weeks of ready-to-use--yet fully customizable--lessons, handouts, promotional materials and more. And while the material is written twice for separate guys and girls groups, the topics are the same for each lesson (like, you'll both study “Temptation” at the same time), just one is geared for guys and the other is geared for girls. This not only saves you tons of time in prep, but it also gives you lots of opportunity for discussion in a mixed group later.
    Pure Praise for Youth
    During this six-week Bible study, youth will be challenged to "go extreme" in their worship of God. But it's not their body they'll push to the max. Instead, they'll stretch their soul. If they accept this challenge, they'll condition their heart and mind in ways they might never have thought possible. As a result, they'll have the privilege of knowing the God of the Universe and worshipping him more intimately and powerfully than they ever imagined!
    Grapple Jr High: Hope in a Hopeless World
    Was: $29.99
    Now: $17.99
    Teenagers are some of the most optimistic people in the world: They maintain their capacity to dream, they deeply desire to see the best in others, they want to make a difference.

    Yet most teenagers have experienced or witnessed the pain caused by divorce, abuse, betrayal, global conflict, and poor choices. The older they get, the more they may struggle to truly believe that God can provide hope in a hopeless world.

    This 12-lesson volume of Grapple Jr. High features three series that turn students' attention toward God's unwavering ability to offer hope:
  • Recognizing the realities of heaven and hell
  • Responding to God's desire to forgive and provide do-overs
  • Reacting to global conflict and challenges

  • Students will encounter lessons about why God allows each of us to choose between heaven and hell, why God offers second chances through Jesus, and how we can celebrate diversity in ways that honor God. Each lesson features interactive, hands-on elements that will get your junior highers talking, moving around, and seeking answers.

    Help your teenagers discover and experience God's powerful hope!
    Grapple Jr High: Smart Decisions
    Was: $29.99
    Now: $17.99
    You can never have enough wisdom, right? And we all know-from our experiences and from our conversations with teenagers-that today's junior highers are inundated with temptations, challenges, and obstacles that can prove overwhelming without a solid, consistent diet of wisdom.
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