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In the LIVE Message Series Base Camp, find downloadable youth group lessons that challenge teenagers to open up their lives authentically and freely to Jesus. For a youth Bible study series that helps teenagers discover what it means to be God’s people, created in his image, check out LIVE Message Series: The True You. The LIVE Message Series: The Parables features lessons for youth ministry that help bring Jesus’ parables alive for teenagers in today’s culture. Download a LIVE Message Series for fresh youth group lessons that cover the basics of our faith.

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Rescued from an Ordinary Life (download)
By Doug Fields

Students are faced with difficult circumstances every day. How they respond to adversity not only reveals the condition of their hearts, but also is a clear indicator of Jesus' influence on their lives.

Rescued From An Ordinary Life is an in-depth exploration of John 10:10. Doug Fields divides the verse into four parts - and each week he teaches on a different aspect; instructing, challenging, and encouraging students to respond to a God who wants to rescue them from an ordinary life and give them a better life than they ever dreamed of.
Church As It Should Be (download)
By Doug Fields

What is church? Who came up with this idea? Take a six-week look at what the book of Acts says this "church thing" is all about in the Church As It Should Be sermon series.

Church As It Should Be takes a look at the spiritual characteristics of the early church and how they apply today. The qualities Christ set forth shape our entire church vision and structure. Your students will get a much broader understanding of what this "church thing" is really all about--and what their role in God's kingdom is.
No Fear Living (download)
By Doug Fields
This is a 4 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 4 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.
Simply Amazing (download)
By Doug Fields

Everywhere Jesus went people were amazed--at His presence, at His teaching, at His miracles. His enemies and followers alike were amazed. But what about now? Is Jesus still so amazing, over 2000 years later? In this three-week sermon series, Doug Fields takes a look at encounters people had with Jesus and shows us just how important those lessons still are. This series that is to challenge everyone--from non-Christians to old believers--with a face-to-face encounter with Christ and his miracles.
God In Search of Man (download)
God is searching for you-and won't give up until you've been found.

That's the central message at the heart of this four-week sermon series from Jeff Maguire-youth pastor at Mariners Church in Southern California. Just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we sometimes run away from God. We hide behind our excuses and our sins. We create distance in that relationship.

Yet God doesn't give up. God passionately pursues us, seeking a restored and whole relationship with us.
Do Something (download)
If your students have ever asked "But what can I do?" you’ve just found the answer. This inspiring 4-week sermon-series explores biblical teachings on social justice and God’s desire to have Christians be his hands and feet to the poor and oppressed. This is the perfect resource to help your students take that first step in putting their faith into action. And with everything you need to teach them included inside, it’s easy enough for you to crack open and use tonight.
It's Not Too Late for a Fresh Start (download)
By Doug Fields

A fresh start. A clean break. A second chance. What student can't think of dozens of things they've done or said that they wish they could take back, and times of pain that they wished had never happened?

In It's Not Too Late for a Fresh Start, Doug Fields takes two weeks to explore how to get a fresh start on life and how to use each person's unique story of faith to make the most of this new beginning.
Beyond the Yearbook (download)
By Doug Fields
This Super-Series challenges students with the idea that the decisions they make now about identity, community, and a relationship with God will have eternal importance. Helping students make better decisions is one of the most rewarding aspects of youth ministry. There is nothing better than to see a student who "gets it". A student who chooses to follow Christ, share their faith, and serve in ministry. What a blessing to be involved with students like these!
Old School Good Guys (download)
By Doug Fields

The Old Testament isn't just "the stuff that happened before Jesus;" it's God's word for us today. This series takes a look at five of the heavy hitters of the OT and examines what we can learn from them for our lives today.
God's Extreme Makeover (download)
By Doug Fields

As fallen humans, we often feel like we're missing something, that we're not good enough. The world offers its answers in the form of cosmetic solutions-a new car, a new house or an improved physical feature. But God has a better picture of who you can be and it's one that can't be bought at any price.

Take your students on a discovery of the conflict between the new life and the old sinful nature in God's Extreme Makeover, a 4-part sermon series given by Doug Fields. While our culture tells us to change our outside, God points to the Fruit of the Spirit and tells us He will change us from the inside.
Jr. High Basics of Faith (download)
Studies have shown that 43% of all Americans who accept Christ as their savior do so before the age of 13. That means you've likely got a bunch of "new believers" on your hands. And even if you've got "churched" kids, they're at an age where faith is becoming an increasing part of their life.

The Basics of Faith small group curriculum is designed to address those two issues as well as being a helpful refresher for kids who may have missed out on some foundational teaching. Each lesson tackles a different topic and focuses on giving students a Biblical understanding of the issue. Then they'll answer some reflective questions to help them apply what they've learned in practical ways.
Jr. High Beatitudes (download)
In eight short verses in Matthew 5, Jesus captures the characteristics and qualities of those he calls "blessed." He doesn't preach what should or shouldn't be done; rather, He lays out a plan for how to live a life that is honoring to God. The Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus' most famous teaching moments, and his discussion on the Beatitudes kicked it all off!

If your experience with the Beatitudes small group curriculum is anything like ours, you'll find your groups talking about issues that matter with a depth rarely seen in junior high. These lessons will give your students a Biblical understanding of each Beatitude and then follow up with reflective questions to help them apply what they've learned.

These youth group Bible lessons and sermons will lead your students closer to Jesus.

You don’t want to miss the youth group lessons in the LIVE Message Series: Many Parts, One Body. Packed with important lessons for youth ministry, this four-week message series helps teenagers discover their spiritual gifts. Then, download the LIVE Message Series: The Unit for a four-week youth sermon series that speaks to teenagers regarding their role in unifying the body of Christ. For sermons for youth groups craving more of Jesus, download Thirsty, a 3-week series that invites students to consider just how thirsty their soul may be and offers biblical solutions to help quench that spiritual thirst. Another downloadable option packed with Bible lessons for youth ministry is The Red Stuff Sermon Series, which focuses on the powerful words of Jesus.

Check out the conversational, experiential youth group lessons that reveal the heart of Jesus in 13 Essential Lessons From the New Testament. Or for youth Bible study lessons on the Old Testament, try 13 Essential Lessons From the Old Testament. For powerful lessons for youth ministry that cover the most important truths in the Bible, pick up The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers. These youth ministry lessons can be easily adapted for Sunday school, a confirmation setting, or even a youth discipleship group.

We have youth group lessons just for junior high students and middle schoolers. For a three-part youth Bible study series that helps junior high students become who God has already made them to be, download Made. For a youth Bible study series that is unique and highly interesting to middle schoolers, we have Scary, Gross and Weird Stories From the Bible. And for preteens, check out the active-learning, attention-grabbing youth ministry lessons in No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids.

Looking for youth group lessons to take your students deeper? Rooted: Old Testament will equip your students to examine the pages of Scripture with greater insight and clarity. Want lessons for youth ministry that focus on God? Download Trinity for a youth sermon series on who God is—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And Developing HABITS offers downloadable youth ministry lessons that outline six spiritual disciplines for all believers, young and old. Group has the youth group Bible lessons and sermons you need, plus all of the other youth ministry resources you want.

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