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God So Loved The World...That He Created Chocolate
Was: $7.99
Now: $6.39
God loves you, girlfriend--believe it!

Anyone with taste buds knows that chocolate is a gift from God. And every woman knows chocolate tastes best when shared with friends!

In that spirit of sharing, God So Loved the World...That He Created Chocolate is a sweet treat for your soul--whipped up with zest by women around the world!
Tempting Stuff
Was: $34.99
Now: $27.99
Looking for relatable lessons for youth ministry? Look no further than Tempting Stuff.

Temptation is something everyone experiences—even Jesus was tempted! And one of Satan's most devious tricks is to use temptation not just to get students to sin, but to separate themselves from the body of Christ because of guilt and shame.
The Skinny on Communication
Was: $6.99
Now: $2.80
By Jeff White with Jeffrey Wallace

Everything you do and say sends a message to the people around you. So what message are you sending to the teenagers in your youth group--—and to their parents and to other people connected to your ministry?

It’'s impossible to meet teenagers’ foundational needs without effective communication. And the more effectively you communicate, the better you can give your students exactly what they'’re seeking and needing.
Brave Cave: Rain Stick
Was: $18.99
Now: $11.39
In the Wild Weather Cave, this Rain Stick helps bring the story of God's water-cycle plan to life! Kids learn they can trust God, even when they are afraid in the midst of bad weather.
Encouragement Pendant
Was: $5.99
Now: $0.90
This beautiful pendant makes a perfect gift! Write an encouraging note onto the enclosed insert and slide into the pendant window.

Pendant has a woven purple cord, portrait window, and themed insert card reading "Faithful" and "Rest." The charm is made of zinc alloy.

Note: This pendant is part of the retreat experience of Lavender Springs Spa.
Mini Spa Bag With Devo
Was: $3.99
Now: $0.60
This fun, travel-sized spa bag includes a mini devotion booklet and is imprinted with the words, "Revive, Rejoice, Restore—--Psalm 26." Designed as a gift for a young woman, we encourage you to fill the bag with personal handwritten notes, treats, snacks or other small gifts and give it to a younger woman you know. The bag is also a practical and handy pouch for purses! Size 4 in. x 6 in. Every woman needs one for the Lavender Springs Spa retreat experience.

Note: This mini spa bag with devo is an essential part of the retreat experience of Lavender Springs Spa.
Spa Bag
Was: $4.99
Now: $0.75
This exclusive spa bag has clear, sturdy plastic with purple piping, and is imprinted with the words, "Rest, Renew, Refresh." Makes a perfect gift that every woman will want! Women can use it over and over again for travel, cosmetics, or a handy pouch for their purse. Give them as gifts, use them as gift bags at an event, or sell them at the Lavender Springs Spa retreat. Size: 7 in. x 10 in.

Note: This spa bag is part of the retreat experience of Lavender Springs Spa.
Spa Mask
Was: $1.99
Now: $0.30
This soft purple spa mask is the perfect reminder for women to find rest in God'’s faithfulness. Embroidered with "Be at rest.--Psalm 116:7." Mask is backed in black satin that blocks out light, and has a comfortable black elastic head strap.

Note: This spa mask is part of the retreat experience of Lavender Springs Spa.
It's a Good Thing Children Are a Treasure...They've Broken All My Other Ones (download)
Was: $6.39
Now: $1.60

Motherhood is a gift...but sometimes it'’s hard! Our children warm and captivate our hearts, but they also break stuff. And stretch our patience. And test our resolve.

This devotional visits these challenges of momhood while also providing you with what you need most--—encouragement. Each devotion meets you right where you are with humor and honesty.

Speaking of Jesus Student Edition
Was: $6.99
Now: $1.40
In a diverse society where tolerance is preached as the highest of cultural values, it’s tough for you to find "acceptable" ways to share your faith. In fact, Christianity is now a highly polarizing word—followers of Jesus are known far more for what we’re against than what we’re for. And that makes it extra hard for you as a teenager to engage friends and classmates in conversations about the most important thing in your life.
G.U.T.S.Y. Bears
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
God’s Unique, Talented, Special You! On Day 1 of Imagination Station, kids learn that we are all highly complex creations of God, then they fill their own bear with unique “guts,” like cellophane, stuffing, and yarn. No two bears will be the same—a reminder that God created us all to be one-of-a-kind! Ages 3+.

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