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Lifetree Cafe Pens
Was: $31.99
Now: $6.40
Package of 50
Lifetree-branded ballpoint pens advertise your Lifetree Café - 24/7! Fit conveniently in your table organizer. Black ink flows smoothly and won't smudge on Lifetree name tags.

Package of 50
Lifetree Cafe Tagline Wall Sign
Was: $49.99
Now: $10.00
Let Lifetree friends know that Lifetree Café is all about "Doing Life. Doing Good" with this sign. Printed on tough, break-resistant Corplast material, these signs can be mounted to the wall or easily moved around if your Lifetree Café needs to be mobile.
Dimensions: 31.25" x 15.25"
Lifetree Cafe Donation Jar
Was: $4.99
Now: $1.00
Inconspicuous--but effective! We've raised thousands of dollars by giving people who want to donate to Lifetree the opportunity to do so. Sturdy plastic with a full-color insert.
Sold separately.
Lifetree Cafe Regular Coffee Airpot Label Wrap
Lifetree-branded, easy-to-apply adhesive stickers sized to fit on standard airpot coffee containers. Your choice of three - sold separately.
Lifetree Cafe Refreshment Station Sign
Encourage your Lifetree guests to help themselves to the complimentary refreshments by displaying the Lifetree Café-branded Refreshment Station sign. Mounted on foam core, this sign comes with a sturdy plastic stand and is designed to sit in back of the Airpots on your Refreshment Station.
24" x 18"
Lifetree Cafe Notecards
Was: $11.99
Now: $2.40
Package of 24
Creative, colorful, and perfect for letting first-time guests know you appreciate their coming to your Lifetree. Six Lifetree-branded designs per package. Cards are blank inside-ready for you to add your encouraging words!
4.25" x 5.5" folded

Package of 24 cards and matching envelopes
Lifetree Cafe Napkins
Was: $23.99
Now: $4.80
Package of 250
Lifetree-branded with a 4-color logo imprint.

Package of 250
Lifetree Cafe
Was: $15.49
Now: $3.10
Package of 50
A quick, business card-sized answer to the question "What's Lifetree Café?" Tuck a few in each table organizer and ask regular attendees to share these with friends.

Package of 50.
Lifetree Cafe Name Tags
Was: $15.49
Now: $3.10
Package of 250
Lifetree-branded self-adhesive name tags make it easy for guests to introduce themselves. Fit perfectly in the Lifetree table organizer.
4" x 2"

Package of 250
Lifetree Cafe Metal Direction Sign (without stand)
Was: $64.99
Now: $13.00
This colorful, weather-resistant, metal sign fits both the Lawn Sign Frame or Sidewalk Sign Frame perfectly--so take your pick of display options and make it easy for first-time visitors to find your Lifetree Café!
Dimensions: 24" x 18" (Does not include frame. See frame options.)
Lifetree Cafe Comment Cards
Was: $13.99
Now: $2.80
Package of 250
Gather information and get feedback from the people who matter most! Invite your guests to share their thoughts on this easy-to-complete Comment Card. Fits snuggly in the Lifetree table organizer.
2 7/8" x 8"

Package of 250
Lifetree Cafe LED Illuminated Sign
Was: $350.00
Now: $70.00
Attract people to your Lifetree Café by shining your light brightly with the Lifetree LED illuminated sign. This 24" molded sign is easily visible from the street when placed in an exterior window. Or you can hang it on a wall in your Lifetree space for some added branded ambiance. Sign comes with a convenient on/off switch and plugs into a 120v wall socket. (Recommended for indoor use)
Lifetree Cafe Outdoor Banner
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
Get your Lifetree Café noticed in a BIG way with this larger-than-life, weather resistant banner. 8 ft. x 4 ft. vinyl with sturdy gromets and 5-foot rope tie-downs in the corners. This banner is designed for outdoor use and is not flame retardant.
Best of Try This One
Was: $17.99
Now: $14.39
This stuff works.

That's because the ideas in this book--hundreds of them--come from people like you: people in the thick of youth ministry. These are best-ever ideas from the pages of Group Magazine's Try This One section. They've been tried... tweaked... and tried again. That means you can slide them into your program without risk--and without tons of preparation.
The Skinny on Outreach
Was: $6.99
Now: $5.59
This book will fuel your passion for reaching out and sharing the message of Jesus--and for inviting teenagers into this exciting adventure, too. When your teenagers are on mission with Jesus and telling people about him, they'll also grow deeply in him. Help your students become life-changing ambassadors for Jesus' message of grace and hope. And join Jesus in the quest for the unreached teenagers in your community!
See-Through Life DVD Curriculum
Was: $29.99
Now: $23.99
This youth group curriculum is the perfect resource to encourage and empower your teens!
See-Through Life Student Book for Girls
Was: $6.99
Now: $5.59
You live in a crazy, crazy world. You can instantly connect with anyone you want, and you can share just about anything on a whim through social media—but that means you have to be more careful about the things you say and do than any generation before you.

You have to live smart. You have to embrace being open. You have to live open. And the best way to follow that path is to embrace the idea of accountability with other girls—something that sounds intimidating but is actually the key to living an amazing life!

Being open provides safety. Being open leads to depth. And being open helps you live a life of freedom and liberty. See-Through Life will help you discover how to get and maintain accountability, how to get involved in your friends' world, and how to get equipped to pursue honesty, courage, and community—all parts of true accountability.
See-Through Life Student Book for Guys
Was: $6.99
Now: $5.59
Do you realize just how crazy of a world you live in?

All the instant connectivity at your fingertips, combined with the ability to share just about anything on a whim through social media, means you have to be more careful about the things you say and do than any generation before you.

You have to live smart. You have to embrace being open. You have to live open. And the best way to follow that path is to embrace the idea of accountability with other guys—something that sounds intimidating but is actually the key to living an amazing life!
99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living
Was: $5.99
Now: $4.79
Jesus is unpredictable, amazing, fierce, radical. In other words, Jesus is something of a rebel.

In 99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living, Rick Lawrence draws on his personal journey of faith and his decades of experience as an editor and writer to provide you with insights into the joy of meeting, following, and falling in love with the real Jesus, the rebel Jesus.
God So Loved The World...That He Created Chocolate
Was: $7.99
Now: $6.39
God loves you, girlfriend--believe it!

Anyone with taste buds knows that chocolate is a gift from God. And every woman knows chocolate tastes best when shared with friends!

In that spirit of sharing, God So Loved the World...That He Created Chocolate is a sweet treat for your soul--whipped up with zest by women around the world!
Tempting Stuff
Was: $34.99
Now: $27.99
Looking for relatable lessons for youth ministry? Look no further than Tempting Stuff.

Temptation is something everyone experiences—even Jesus was tempted! And one of Satan's most devious tricks is to use temptation not just to get students to sin, but to separate themselves from the body of Christ because of guilt and shame.
The Skinny on Communication
Was: $6.99
Now: $2.80
By Jeff White with Jeffrey Wallace

Everything you do and say sends a message to the people around you. So what message are you sending to the teenagers in your youth group--—and to their parents and to other people connected to your ministry?

It’'s impossible to meet teenagers’ foundational needs without effective communication. And the more effectively you communicate, the better you can give your students exactly what they'’re seeking and needing.
Brave Cave: Rain Stick
Was: $18.99
Now: $11.39
In the Wild Weather Cave, this Rain Stick helps bring the story of God's water-cycle plan to life! Kids learn they can trust God, even when they are afraid in the midst of bad weather.
Encouragement Pendant
Was: $5.99
Now: $0.90
This beautiful pendant makes a perfect gift! Write an encouraging note onto the enclosed insert and slide into the pendant window.

Pendant has a woven purple cord, portrait window, and themed insert card reading "Faithful" and "Rest." The charm is made of zinc alloy.

Note: This pendant is part of the retreat experience of Lavender Springs Spa.
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