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Simply Relevant: Relational Bible Series for Women - Chocolate Boutique
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
By Group Publishing

The Simply Relevant Bible study series makes it easy to introduce others to Jesus and strengthen lifelong relationships with him. Each session begins with a fun snack and time to mingle, and then women experience an activity that leads to an intriguing study.
Thanks for Changing the World Inspirational Note Cards
Was: $4.99
Now: $1.00
Inspire others with these superhero-themed note cards. Imprint on the outside says "Thanks for Changing the World" followed by Joshua 1:6: "Be strong and courageous." Interior is blank.
Pick up a set for yourself and another to give as a fun, thoughtful gift!

Note cards come in a package of 10 with envelopes. Size is 5 ½” x 4 ¼”

volunteer appreciation gift

That Makes Two of Us: Lifestyle Mentoring for Women
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
By Connie Witt and Cathi Workman

Mentoring can happen when you simply go out for coffee, catch a movie, drive to the airport, visit a favorite store, or walk around your neighborhood. (Just think of anything two people can do together.)

Sound too easy to be true? It isn't.

Let God use you right now...just as you are.
This Means Love Service Project Kit
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
Daily we are bombarded with need all around us-- and the desire to make a difference. A woman’'s heart wants to help...…to care...…to reach out. The problem is knowing what to do or where to start. That'’s why we'’ve created the This Means Love Service Project Kit.

This easy-to-use kit brings together the pieces needed to plan and execute simple service projects with a small group of women that will have BIG impact in your community.
Women's Icebreakers Throw & Tell Ball
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
The perfect way to get women talking!

Looking for a way to get the fun and conversations started at your next women's event? The Women's Icebreaker Throw & Tell Ball is the super-easy and super-fun conversation starter! With 52 fun and thoughtful icebreaker questions, women simply toss the ball, call stop and have the woman answer the question under her thumb!
Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore Action Plan: Workbook for Your Ministry Team
Was: $6.99
Now: $1.40
As you explore the reasons why the church is in decline in the book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore, you'’ll want to take the next step towards building an irresistible church. Bringing the 4 Acts of Love to your ministry teams and small groups will allow you to build a church where people want to be.
Action Plan is designed specifically to work with ministry teams of all sizes and will personalize the 4 Acts of Love on both an individual and team level. It includes practical help, in-depth discussion and additional resources for applying the 4 Acts of Love to your church. We are all in this together as we build healthier communities and win people back to church.
Stone Wall Top
Was: $11.99
Now: $2.40

1 per Package, 30' x 2'

Amazing Abacuses
Was: $23.99
Now: $4.80

For Scene 1: The Census Takers, kids and their families rehearse their simple parts as the Census Takers while learning about the census that took place at the time of Jesus' birth. Scene 1 Cast then creates their very own Amazing Abacuses and discovers their little-known musical use! (Need 1 for each Scene 1 participant)

10 per package

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Star Tracker Specs
Was: $17.99
Now: $3.60

The Cast of Scene 3: The Star Trackers get to playfully embellish their own pair of comically huge Star Tracker specs. They'll wear their special, customized glasses as they play the part of Star Trackers searching for the baby king. (Need 1 per Scene 3 participant)

10 per Package

Star Tambourines
Was: $23.99
Now: $4.80

As this Scene Cast prepares to make heavenly music for Scene 4: The Angels, they'll have a blast making unique Star Tambourines. With the included star, jingle bells, and colorful cording, guests create their own keepsake instruments in no time. (Need 1 per Scene 4 participant)

10 per Package

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Brave Cave: Carabiners
Was: $8.99
Now: $1.80

Every Spelunker needs a carabiner! These handy tools work great for kids to put all the Cave Cards they collect along the way--plus their Fisher Buddy Tag.

Multi-colored package of 12

Brave Cave: Cyclone Maker
Was: $13.99
Now: $2.80

At the Wild Weather Cave, kids learn to trust God, even when things--like the weather--are unpredictable. They see how a cyclone forms and get their very own Cyclone Maker (to be used with 2-liter plastic bottles at home).

Package of 10

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