Church Safety Resources

Church Safety

A trusted partner for keeping your church safe and secure

Group offers church security resources to help keep your church safe while still promoting a ministry-centered environment. We have church safety tools like church background checks through Shepherd’s Watch memberships, plus a Safe and Secure Church kit and Safe and Secure Church Training opportunities. Our church security trainings will help you identify your church’s biggest potential liabilities and risks while offering the tools you need to implement a church security plan. 

First, we recommend starting with church security resources like Shepherd’s Watch church background checks for all staff members and volunteers. Then, order the Safe and Secure Church Kit to start training your church security team. Next, find a local Safe and Secure Church training where you can learn from expert instructions and participate in live scenarios and role-playing exercises. Lastly, you’ll want to follow our monthly church safety checklists of what to do for promoting church safety—we have it all outlined for you.

Make Church Security and Safety a Priority

Protect those in your church’s care with church security resources like Shepherd’s Watch Background Checks™. Church safety starts with properly screening your staff and volunteers using church background checks with your Shepherd’s Watch® membership. Membership gives you and your team access to discounted pricing on reliable, federally-approved background checks, church security training videos, excellent customer service, and more. These background checks are especially important for volunteers working in children’s ministry and youth ministry. 

With our Safe and Secure Church kit, you can better protect your congregation with a compassionate approach to church safety and security. We have the church security resources to promote church safety while still creating a welcoming atmosphere. With this comprehensive, ministry-focused kit, you’ll have the tools to recruit a church security team and offer church security training. This kit, along with Shepherd’s Watch church background checks, will help you be better prepared to keep your church safe.  

If you’re looking for more church security resources, we have local workshops that provide practical church security training that focuses on instilling core principles of church safety and security. These workshops also provide opportunities to put this safe church training into practice through scenario staging and role playing. The Safe and Secure Church Training is designed to equip church security teams as well as senior pastors, church leaders, and volunteers. 

Keep your mission secure with the church security resources at Group Publishing. Make church safety a priority by following the handy church safety checklists we offer month by month. You can proactively manage church security training, church background checks, and more following these checklists. Your church security team will love these monthly checklists, plus all of our safety tips and tools, free downloads, and online assessments.