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FaithWeaver NOW for Winter

With our winter Sunday School lessons, families study the same New Testament Bible passage each week of the winter quarter. FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum is created so that people of all ages can freshly experience the Word. Kids love that this Sunday School curriculum is presented in a fun way. And, adults appreciate that these Sunday School resources offer real life application, helping them live out their faith.

Our winter Sunday School lessons on the New Testament are perfect for today’s families. FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum was developed with the understanding of the cognitive, social, mental, emotional, physical, and—more importantly—spiritual development of students at every age level. FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum was developed by today’s Sunday school teachers. And these Sunday School resources have been examined by real ministry leaders, plus tested and approved by thousands of churches.

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Downloadable FaithWeaver NOW® Leader Guides are offered for the convenience of our international purchasers.
Downloadable FaithWeaver NOW® Leader Guides are offered for the convenience of our international purchasers.
Downloadable FaithWeaver NOW® Leader Guides are offered for the convenience of our international purchasers.
Get extra CDs to send home with each family to let the praise and worship continue.
Children will be delighted to share what they've learned from the Bible with cute and cuddly Theo! Theo is used in KidsOwn Worship® and FaithWeaver Friends® preschool programs, as well as in the Preschool and Pre-K & K age levels of FaithWeaver®. But he’s also a welcome friend to any preschool ministry!

Approximately 15" tall.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required at all times.
Life is easier when you have a special signal that lets kids know it's time to focus their attention on you, or that it's time for Circles of Friends to move to the next Discovery Center.  Even non-whistlers can use it, and the sound is distinctive and easily heard without being intrusive.  Plus, since the whistle is wooden, it's practically indestructible!
What in the world is a Boomwhacker? With these 13 colorful, tuned tubes, everyone can get involved in praising God! Every child will have a blast making a joyful noise to the Lord week after week.
Tubes measure from 12" to 24".

Instructions and more information on Boomwhackers can be found in your FaithWeaver Friends Music and Memory Leader Guide.

What's FaithWeaver Friends? With FaithWeaver Friends, you get a program that grows kids' faith and friendships. It's a great outreach, club, or midweek program that's kid-friendly and volunteer-friendly. Every week, elementary and preschool kids explore Bible Points as they rotate through Discovery Centers with their small groups. Fun games, music, projects, outreach opportunities, surprises, and service projects build everyone's friendship with Jesus. And the engaging activities effectively reach out to unchurched kids.
Used in FaithWeaver Friends

They're fun, they're cool, and you've gotta have 'em! Use them for some of the unique games you'll find in the FaithWeaver Friends Games Leader Guide. 3 feet long inflated.
Package of 6.

Winter Sunday School Lessons: Grow in Faith

FaithWeaver NOW winter Sunday School lessons are created to help grow the faith of your congregation by walking everyone through parts of the New Testament. FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum is offered for ten age levels, from infants to adults. With this Sunday School curriculum, everyone can experience solid Bible teaching and real-life application. These Sunday School resources are intended for a classroom setting, offering a length of 60-65 minutes for each Bible lesson.

Want to teach winter Sunday School lessons that are meaningful and memorable? Busy teachers love the FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum series. This Sunday School curriculum offers teachers a simplified, easy-to-find materials list and at-a-glance prep. Plus, these Sunday School resources include a free editable digital version of every teacher guide with each purchase. Word and PDF versions of these Sunday School resources are provided in an easy-to-use online tool–making it easy to customize your Sunday School lessons and email them to your teachers each week.

If you’re wondering what a winter Sunday School lesson from FaithWeaver NOW looks like, we’ve got you covered. First, FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum offers age-appropriate activities so that students can experience each week’s Bible lesson theme. Then, the FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum helps each student explore the Bible. These Sunday School resources also offer application ideas so that students can apply God’s truth into everyday life. Lastly, these Sunday School resources offer take-home materials to keep the conversation going throughout the week.

Winter Sunday School lessons from FaithWeaver NOW are unique and meaningful. The Teacher Pack for the FaithWeaver NOW winter curriculum series makes it simple to lead engaging, age-appropriate lessons with a teacher guide, interactive teaching tools, posters, and an audio CD. Don’t forget Sunday School curriculum resources like our student books, as these 2-in-1 Sunday School books include a portion for in class and another for at home. Overall, FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School resources feature Jesus-Centered lessons.

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