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Sunday School Curriculum for the Whole Family

You’ll love that with FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum, families study the same Bible passage each week. FaithWeaver curriculum was developed for today’s Sunday school teachers, examined by ministry leaders, tested and approved by thousands of churches. FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School lessons are designed to work with today’s families. And, this Sunday School curriculum was developed with the understanding of the cognitive, social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of students at every age level.

Teachers appreciate how FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum is designed for ease of use and lasting impact. FaithWeaver NOW curriculum offers teachers a simplified, easy-to-find materials list and at-a-glance prep. Sunday School lessons are editable using the digital version that comes with each purchase of the teacher guide. Word and PDF versions of the Sunday School curriculum are provided in an easy-to-use online tool.

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Try FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School Curriculum

FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum offers everything you need to be prepared for Sunday School, from start to finish. FaithWeaver curriculum allows students to engage in age-appropriate activities, helping them experience the Bible lesson theme. Through the Sunday School lessons, students explore the Bible, moving beyond head knowledge. With this Sunday School curriculum, students apply God’s truth into everyday life, guiding them on their faith journey. And, with FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum, the take-home resources help the continuation of learning at home.

Implement FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum, and cover the Bible in three years. Each quarter of FaithWeaver curriculum features 13 sequential Bible events, helping families understand the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. FaithWeaver Now Sunday School lessons are set up so that students study the Old Testament in the summer and fall — and the New Testament in the winter and spring. This Sunday School curriculum offers FamilyConnect®, too, helping families grow together in faith throughout the week.

What’s unique about FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum? First, FaithWeaver curriculum Teacher Packs make teaching Sunday School lessons easy with a teacher guide, interactive teaching tools, posters, and an audio CD. Teach Sunday School lessons while using our Student Books, offering in-class and at-home activities. And, at the heart of these Sunday School resources are Jesus-Centered Bible lessons.

It’s easy to download FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School curriculum. Downloadable files of FaithWeaver NOW curriculum make it simple to customize Bible lessons and distribute content. Using the downloadable Sunday School lessons, you can give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content, or easily email documents to teachers or substitutes. And, with this Sunday School curriculum, you get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of printed Teacher Guides or Teacher Packs.

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