Sunday School Activities

Kids love Sunday school activities that are fun, and teachers love Sunday school ideas that are faith-focused. Whether looking for Sunday school games or other children’s ministry ideas, we have what you need to boost your Sunday school lessons and children’s messages. Try Sunday school crafts, and allow kids to express their creative side while considering a Bible message. All of these Sunday school resources are excellent children’s ministry ideas for getting kids involved in your Sunday school lessons.

Our Sunday school activities include skits and crafts to games and activity books. You’ll love that the Sunday school games, like those found in The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: Games, have been tested and tried in churches. Use Sunday school crafts from The Best of Children's Ministry Magazine: Crafts, and find fun crafts offering directions that are tested and clear. Teachers love that these Sunday school resources are kid-pleasing Sunday school ideas.

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Find the Best Preschool Ministry Ideas & Resources

For preschool ministry ideas on how to recruit and train volunteers, try 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Preschool Ministry. This preschool ministry resource book also offers ministry-tested tips for working with preschool parents. Find out how to teach preschool Bible lessons using fresh and creative strategies. With the best children's ministry resources, you can re-energize your leaders while helping preschoolers fall in love with Jesus.

For creative preschool ministry ideas for Sunday school, try Big, Big God. This preschool ministry resource book will help you share Sunday school lessons and Bible stories that use the senses. The preschool Bible lessons in this book come to life through games, storytelling, crafts, snacks, and more. Teachers love that this children's ministry resource features easy-to-follow lesson plans that engage preschool students.

Looking for preschool ministry ideas for crafts? We offer preschool ministry resources that encourage kids to explore God's Word through all their senses by creating, smelling, baking, squishing, feeling and tasting. You can find preschool Bible lessons on how to do all of this in The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Preschoolers. This children's ministry resource book offers ways to teach Bible stories through fun, age-appropriate crafts.

If you want preschool ministry ideas on how to better share Bible stories try Bible Big Books from Hands-On Bible Curriculum. These books are preschool ministry resources created for telling a Bible story aloud to a classroom of preschoolers. Using these books in preschool Bible lessons is a great idea, as each book is beautifully illustrated and features a kid-friendly telling of a Bible story. With these children's ministry resources you can cover foundational Bible stories by topic—like Jesus’ Birth and The Miracle of Easter—or by person—like Jonah and Moses.

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