Small Group Bible Study Books

Check out these small group Bible study books to better connect with God and other people. We have a Bible study for small groups that focuses on discipleship and moving people toward a deeper friendship with God. We offer all the Bible study resources you need for leading small groups: curriculum kits, leader guides, student Bible study books, and more. Through these popular Bible studies for small groups, you’ll see the power of studying the Bible with other people in your church or community.

You can find small group Bible study books on your unique gifts and the call to serve the body of Christ. We have Bible study resources for small groups looking to discover more about the Holy Spirit’s role in everyday conversations, where lives can be challenged and changed. You’ll discover popular Bible studies for small groups on topics like worship, Jesus-centered living, and more. Group Publishing has all of the adult ministry resources you need.

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Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience
12-session discipleship program that moves people toward a deeper friendship with God.
Unheard Of: One Man's Journey to the Middle of a Miracle (DVD)
His flood of heartache transformed into a tsunami of hope.

Betrayed, depressed, and newly divorced, Dennis Drake joined the Peace Corps to teach deaf children. He was looking for a fresh start in a tropical paradise. What he found was something much greater.

Unheard Of  is Dennis’ modern-day parable of finding lifelong purpose—one that will inspire you to find yours.
Friends of God: The Discipleship Diary
Being a friend of God changes everything…
You’re about to embark on a friendship adventure with Jesus that’ll transform you from the inside out. That’s because you’ll be drawing close to his heart—the epicenter of peace and joy.
Friends of God: The Discipleship Experience Leader Guide
Disciple-making begins here.
So get ready to embark on a life-changing relational experience to grow closer to Jesus and each other.
Just like Jesus, you’ll immerse people in unforgettable experiences and thought-provoking conversations.
This guide walks you through everything you’ll need to lead all 12 sessions, including tips for sparking great conversations and inviting people into life-changing adventures.
Best of all, Friends of God is not an experiment—it has been tested and tested again with real people in real settings. You can be confident that the advice in your leader guide—taken from our own experience—works!
Friends of God Session DVDs
Prepare to disciple the way Jesus did…through friendship.

Get ready to lead people into an intimate relationship with Jesus following the natural steps of friendship.

These session videos provide everything you need to guide rich conversation and spiritual discovery and include leader insights and tips that will help you create a welcoming, exciting, life-transforming environment.
Friends of God Promo and Session Graphics CD
Prepare to make disciples!

You’ll love these items to make your job promoting and leading Friends of God easier!
Friends of God Essential Value Pack
Bundle to save on Friends of God Discipleship Experience participant items with this Essential Value Pack.

Each pack includes one of each of the following:
• The Discipleship Diary
• Heart of Jesus Sticky Note Pad
• Go-and-Glow Light
• Glow Pen
Friends of God Glow Pen
Package of 10
Use these glowing pens as daily pocket reminders to shine love! Created for and used in Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience, but perfect (and fun!) for every day.
Heart of Jesus Sticky Notes
Package of 10
Spread love and cheer with these custom heart-imprinted note pads! Designed for and used in Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience but also great any time encouraging notes are needed.
Friends of God Go-and-Glow Lights
Package of 10
Decorate and shine love on maps, fabrics, and other surfaces with these fun glowing lights! Created for and used in Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience but also a fun idea to add sparkle anywhere!
Pure Praise (Revised): A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship
$10.04 - $14.99
Sometimes worship feels like it’s on autopilot. This nine-week study inspires new passion and understanding of what genuine worship looks and feels like. Each lesson encourages you to turn to the Bible while allowing your heart and mind to meditate on and absorb Bible truths about expressing your devotion to God. This is an ideal personal or group study for both individual worshippers and worship teams grappling with the questions “What is worship—and how can I worship more authentically?”
The Jesus-Centered Life: The life you didn't think was possible, with the Jesus you never knew
$11.04 - $16.99
This item ships for free!

You know Jesus, think he's a nice guy, and you never forget his birthday.

But the truth is…you want more than that. You're bored. Exhausted. Tired of the grind. You're done with hearing about Jesus in sermons. Reading about Jesus in devotions. You want to encounter Jesus—and know him for who he really is. You want to experience Jesus' love, not just admire him. To become a follower, not just a fan.
Jesus-Centered Small Group Bible Studies
$6.49 - $9.99
Use these one-hour studies to lead your small group, youth group, or Sunday school class in seeing Jesus in fresh, new ways! Jesus as Creator…as the second Adam…as life and faith's cornerstone—you'll experience seven in-depth discoveries in all.
God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally
$9.74 - $14.99
You've felt that tug...

A friend, co-worker, family member, or someone you just met is talking--and you sense God nudging you to say something. But what do you say? What don't you say? How can you bring God into the conversation without shutting it down?

Welcome to God Space.
E4:12 Bible Study Series: Leading Out
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
Connecting People to Purpose

Ephesians 4:12 calls leaders to be equippers--—to help those they lead discover their unique gifts and how to live out their God-given purpose. Jesus spent a great amount of time training others to go out and impact the world. That’s what equipping is all about. Servant leadership is about pouring into those you lead and preparing them to serve where God has called.
Activating God Space Kit: Equipping Your People to Be the Church in Everyday Life
Elevate your church or ministry’s vision for outward focused living with Activating God Space!

Activating God Space provides the insights and practices necessary to produce an outward focused culture. Six encouraging sessions provide vision, fire up inspiration, and deliver practical coaching to create a fresh, magnetic culture from the inside out. A culture that attracts outsiders, energizes insiders, and mobilizes God's people for effective outreach.
Quiet Strength: Men's Bible Study
$6.49 - $9.99
This resource addresses six tough questions men ask. Or, more accurately, don't ask--though men crave the answers.
Each of the six Bible studies is crafted especially for men, and provides biblical answers, relationship-building discussion questions, fun activities, and character-building insights from the life of Tony Dungy, former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.
Dare to Be Uncommon: Men's Bible Study
$7.49 - $9.99
By Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy says it's time...

for every man to choose an Uncommon life!

This Super Bowl-winning coach has spent his life shaping young men. Now, Tony Dungy is ready to share core truths he wants every man to understand, live by, and pass on to others.

Examine your life—--and aspire to a life of renewed integrity...…influence…...and faith. With this Bible study you'll tackle key principles found in Tony Dungy's UNcommon (Tyndale House Publishers).

You'll explore Scripture, engage in discussion, encounter character-building insights--and uncover what it means to live a life of true significance.
Dare to Be Uncommon Leader Pack
This Super Bowl-winning coach has spent his life shaping young men.
Now Tony Dungy is ready to share core truths he wants every man to understand, live by, and pass on to others.

This Leader Pack is designed to help you explore key principles found in Tony Dungy’s UNcommon™ (Tyndale House Publishers).
Through Scripture, discussions, and activities—plus character-building insights and candid "pep talks" from Tony Dungy—men will be challenged to examine their lives and aspire to a life of true significance. A life of renewed integrity…influence…and faith.
Activating God Space Wallet Card
These pocket-sized cards are the perfect reminder to create God Space in our lives every day! Each card describes the characteristics of God Space and includes descriptions of the six "practices" of God Space.
Wonderfully Made: Becoming Who You Are in Christ: 6 Bible Study Sessions for Personal or Small-Group Study
$6.49 - $9.99
Women of every age and girls have a hard time finding and believing their value. From girlhood to womanhood, we are on a quest to have these questions answered with a resounding "yes!" The desire to be found worthy, loved, beautiful, and valuable is an insatiable search for significance; a hunger in our souls that fuels every dream, decision, and relationship.

Wonderfully Made: Becoming Who You Are in Christ is a small group Bible study that guides girls and women of all ages on a journey to discover their true identity and worth as beloved daughters of God.
Wonderfully Made: Healthy Eating & Abundant Living
Was: $9.99
Now: $7.99
Six Bible study sessions for personal or small group study.

Explore healthy eating, and discover your true identity in Christ!

Many girls and women struggle with an unhealthy body image and an unhealthy relationship with food. They're desperate for healing.

In Healthy Eating & Abundant Living, you'll discover how to stop counting calories and start living--living through your relationship with God, not food.
This Means Love Bible Study
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
A woman's heart wants to reach out. And God has a lot to say about serving and showing love to those around us. That’'s why we’'ve created the This Means Love Bible Study.

This Means Love Bible Study is a 6-session study that will inspire and equip women to serve in meaningful ways. Based on 1 Corinthians 13, the original love chapter, they'll discover what the Bible says about loving our neighbors. Each chapter also includes an engaging teaching, group discussion questions, and space for personal reflection. Plus a section called Random Acts of Service with additional ideas for personal service.
Simply Relevant: Relational Bible Series for Women--Finding Balance
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
The Simply Relevant Bible study series makes it easy to introduce others to Jesus and strengthen lifelong relationships with him. Each session begins with a fun snack and time to mingle, and then women experience an activity that leads to an intriguing study.

Try Our Small Group Bible Study Books to Connect With God and Others

For a small group Bible study on discipleship, try Friends of God. This Bible study for small groups helps people move toward a deeper friendship with God. These Bible study resources for small groups offer spiritual discovery through interactive conversation plus fun discipleship adventures that take participants into the community. These popular Bible studies for small groups can be found in the Friends of God Discipleship Kit, The Discipleship Experience Leader Guide, The Discipleship Diary Participant Guide, and other adult ministry resources.

Check out our small group Bible study books just for women. Our women’s Bible studies are perfect for small groups seeking to know more about finding balance and living abundantly. Look for women’s Bible study resources on loving our neighbors and God’s plan for service. We have popular Bible studies for small groups of women looking to develop a more positive self-image and discover their true identity in Christ. You’ll love our adult ministry resources created just for women.

You can find small group Bible study books just for men, too. We offer men’s Bible studies on being an uncommon leader and living a life of true significance. Or, look for our men’s Bible study resources for small groups who want to know more about strength, security, success, and more. These popular Bible studies for small groups all aim to draw men closer to God and provide insight to his plan for life. Our adult ministry resources are innovative and effective.

We have small group Bible study books that focus on Jesus-Centered living. The Jesus-Centered Bible study for small groups help participants see Jesus in a fresh way. These Bible study resources for small groups help you explore the real Jesus and truly follow him. Popular Bible studies for small groups, the book Jesus-Centered Life by Rick Lawrence helps you make Jesus the center of your life. Our Jesus-Centered adult ministry resources will deepen your faith, friendships, and spiritual growth.

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