Notes From Jesus
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What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know
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Tell A Friend
By Mikal Keefer

64-page illustrated kids' gift book for new followers of Jesus

Jesus is the stuff best friends are made of--especially if you're a kid! 
He’s always up for hearing how the day went, listening to worries, and laughing at silly jokes. And he wants to share about himself, too, as best friends do. 
Notes From Jesus are his messages to new friends. Each playfully illustrated note includes:
• Answers to common faith questions kids ask, like "What happens when I mess up?" and “Is it okay to pray with my eyes open?"
• An inspirational Bible verse for kids to tuck away in their hearts
• Doable, kid-sized ideas for readers to become even better friends with Jesus
Each note reminds kids that Jesus enjoys their company, and he wants a lifelong friendship that deepens with each new conversation.  
This is the perfect gift for kids just starting a relationship with Jesus...for young families joining a church...or as a meaningful birthday, holiday, or Christmas gift!
64 pages
6.25" x 6.25" hardcover
Mikal Keefer is a grandfather who’s authored more than 25 books for kids of all ages. His chief aim in life is snuggling his grandkids close so they can enjoy a good story together.

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Q: Would you print a paperback version? I would like to find a way to purchase these books at a lower price.
Asked : Mar 26, 2018
By : Becky, Fort Collins, CO
A: There are no plans on printing a paperback version of this book. We do offer bulk pricing on this book though. When you purchase 50 or more copies the cost per book drops to $6.49 each, 100 or more books, the price drops to $4.99 each.
Answered : Mar 27, 2018
By : Robin
Q: What is the recommended age range? I'm a Sunday school teacher for 4th-6th grade boys; would it be too 'young' for them to read?
Asked : Mar 14, 2018
By : Allison, Mississippi
A: This is a perfect read for any age of person new in their relationship with Jesus. That response it straight from the author, I asked him myself :)
Answered : Mar 15, 2018
By : Samantha

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(based on 3 reviews)

By Heidi L.
March 05, 2018
"Wow! What a terrific little book, full of BIG blessings for all who read it! I am ordering them for all the kids in my Sunday School class, and my kiddo at home! This book is a gem!"
By Lori Valenzisi
Youngstown, OH
March 08, 2018
"I really love the Notes From Jesus book. I plan to purchase one for each of my kids church kids! The real conversational element makes this a great read. A friendship with Jesus is the greatest investment I can make as a children's pastor in my kids. I love the art, too! It's fresh! "
By Jodie Puckett Stoltenow
Highlands Ranch, CO
March 30, 2018
"What a beautiful book for children! I am sending it to my granddaughter. I want her to know Jesus as her personal Savior and this book really puts it into perspective! "