Photo: a grouwn-up helps a little boy with a messy craft as they sit on a trap on the floor with other children engrossed in their own projects.
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Fall Festivals

Have a lasting impact with your Fall Festival!

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Fall Festivals are a great way to kick-off your school year.

Kids won’t just be collecting candy – they’ll be learning about Jesus! They’ll love the exciting games and activities, parents will love the safe and fun environment—and you’ll love seeing kids learn more about Jesus.

This 2-hour event is the perfect outreach program for any size church or community. Use as a fall kick-off, a follow-up to your VBS program, a Halloween alternative, a Harvest festival—any time you want a special event for kids of all ages and their families.

Heroes Unmasked Fall Festival | The All-Fun No-Fear Bible Adventure

Heroes Unmasked | Fall Fest

The All-Fun, No-Fear Bible Adventure!

At Heroes Unmasked, kids and families will have a blast this fall with this interactive, 2- to 3-hour event that is perfect as a fall kickoff, fall festival, or Halloween alternative.

We’ve got you covered—YEAR ‘ROUND

Watch your ministry grow with Group’s easy-to-do Seasonal Events and VBS programs! Kids, their families, and your community will look forward to each one during these key seasons, and connect with your church—and God—in unique ways.