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Where Kids Live Out
Their Faith 24/7
Large Group WOW,
Small Group POW!


Create a fun, high-energy learning atmosphere where kids learn solid Bible truths that they’ll live out every day.

Living Inside Out cures Sunday school boredom because kids are immersed in fun, memorable experiences. Large-group multimedia and activities combine with small-group interaction to cement Bible learning and help kids learn to live out their faith 24/7.

Kids live out their faith 24/7

Through life-application challenges, kids learn to live out their faith in real ways, long after the lesson is over.

Kids are immersed into every lesson

Kids are immersed in fun, memorable experiences. VBS-like themes are introduced every month so coming to Sunday school each week becomes an adventure.

Cement Bible learning

Large-group experiences and multi-media set the stage; small-group interaction cements Bible learning.

Customer Testimonial

“It is user friendly for the leaders, but most importantly, everything is connected to help kids really understand the lesson and apply it to their lives. AND IT IS FUN!”

Bible Content

Fun, exciting VBS-style themes

Living Inside Out brings fun multimedia experiences to Sunday school and also incorporates three fun, VBS-like themes each quarter. With a 3-year scope & sequence combined with a unique large-group/small-group format, you’ll build excitement while equipping kids to view their daily lives from a perspective of faith.

3 Age Levels:
Preschool, Lower-Elementary, Upper Elementary

Scope and Sequence:
3 years

Incorporates both large-group and small-group formats

45–90 minutes

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Overview Video

Discover the Living Inside Out formula for making Bible learning fun

How It Works

Keep Sunday school interesting
and full of adventure!

With Group’s Living Inside Out curriculum, you don’t need a huge group of kids, high-end equipment, or a lot of volunteers to provide a high-quality, life-changing program. You only need one outgoing leader for the large-group lesson and a few friendly volunteers to help build relationships within your small groups.

Here's how
a typical lesson looks:

The step-by-step flow of a Living Inside Out Sunday School session: #1 Large Group: The large-group leader guides kids (preschool-grade 6) through the Bible using skits, experiences, object lessons, activities, singing, and praying together. (25-55 min) #2 Small Groups: Children are divided into small groups by age range: preschool, lower elementary, and lower elementary. Small-group leaders gather kids in groups to connect and dig deeper with age-specific apply-it-to-life activities. Kids also select a Live It Challenge to live out their faith all week (20-30 min) #3 Living it Out: Kids live out their faith with the Live It Challenge take-home activities, and Bible Memory Makers help them hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Large-group and small-group leaders guide kids through the Bible using skits, experiences, object lessons, activities, singing, and praying together


The Living Inside Out Difference

Kids learn to “live inside out” long after the lesson ends. Kids are motivated to practice the Bible Point through life-application activities that help them grow strong spiritually. As a result, kids emerge from every Living Inside Out lesson with new confidence to live out their faith every day.

Here are a few more reasons
you'll love Living Inside Out:

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VBS-like Themes

Each module (3 modules each quarter) introduces kids to a different VBS-like theme. Exciting, eye-catching posters (one poster for each module included) bring each module theme to life. Kids will never be bored because they'll experience a new theme every month.

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High-quality Multimedia

Dynamic music videos with onscreen lyrics and motions get kids moving and worshipping with their entire bodies. Engaging large-group countdowns and teaching videos set the stage for Bible learning. You’ll make going to Sunday school an adventure!

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Live It Challenges

Practical Live It Challenges help kids learn to practice what they learn in class and during the week. Kids learn to live out their faith and apply their Bible learning to everyday life, helping them grow strong spiritually.

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Age-appropriate Small Groups

Small groups give kids a safe, fun atmosphere. One friendly volunteer will lead a small group of peers through discussions and activities that will help them think through, talk through, and apply the lesson. Separate discussion guides are provided for preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary small groups.

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Reproducible Leader Guides

Leader and lesson prep is easy since weekly small-group lessons can be e-mailed or printed for any number of leaders. You’ll also be ready for last-minute leader changes.

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Bible Memory Makers

Bible Memory Makers reinforce the learning of the Bible verse. Each module’s key verse is printed on every Bible Memory Maker so kids will remember God’s Word long after they leave class. Kids will use these fun “gizmos” in their small groups each week to help cement the Bible learning.

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Downloadable files make it easy to customize and distribute lesson content

PDFs and customizable Microsoft Word documents of Large Group Guides and Small Group Guides

Downloadable video files for use with presentation software

Quickly email documents to teachers or substitutes.

Give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content.

View lessons on your phone or tablet.

You get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of your quarterly kit.

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Worship music and video dramas bring your lesson to life

Living Inside Out includes fun videos that infuse your ministry with energy and excitement. Amazing video dramas and scripture-based worship music videos tie into the large group time to not only reinforce the Bible point, but also make each lesson unforgettable.

Here are some examples
the music and videos
you'll find inside:

Music Video

Sample Music Video

Lead kids in incredible worship experiences with high-energy sing-a-long videos with on-screen lyrics and motions. Kids will worship their loving God with their entire being.

watch music video
Music CD

Sample Music

Each themed module includes a CD packed with instrumental and accompanied versions of the video tracks from the DVD. Pop this disc into your computer and find themed clip-art, lyrics, PowerPoint slides, and printable PDF files for your small group leaders.

listen to music clip
Drama Video

Sample Video Drama

Engaging video dramas bring the Bible point to life during large-group time, setting the stage for deeper conversation and discovery during small-group time.

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Choosing Living Inside Out is Easy!

Immerse your kids into exciting, memorable Sunday school experiences and watch as they discover how to authentically live out their faith 24/7.

Everything you need
starting at $299.99*

Your Living Inside Out Quarterly Module Set includes everything you need to lead a high-energy, attention-grabbing Sunday school experience for preschoolers, lower elementary, and upper elementary kids. All you need is one Quarterly Module Set for your entire group. Then, purchase one Bible Memory Maker per month for each child. Additional poster packs are also available.
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