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How it Works

Seamlessly text, email, tweet, & Facebook

Simply Text enables consistent and effective communication across channels to everyone involved in your ministry.

Everyone receives a personal message

Text multiple people at once without the hassle of a group response.

Works for SMS too!

Phone Text Conversation

Text to join: “Keywords”

Instantly add contacts when individuals text your "keyword".

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Security that matters

Simply Text permanently archives all sent/received messages, protecting your text history and giving you peace of mind. No need to share your personal phone number. Simply Text keeps communications open and secure. Bonus: no prank calls at 2 am!


Additional Features

Communicate with ease

Discover all the ways Simply Text saves you time and keeps your contacts organized:

  • Turn on reply forwarding to have responses sent directly to your mobile device. You'll never miss a beat!
  • Forget annoying group texts! All messages are received and responded to individually rather than as a group text.
  • Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts for consistent communication across channels.
  • Want to text guys only? Seniors only? Volunteers only? Create groups and subgroups for unique messaging needs.
  • No need to manually import every contact. Individuals text your keyword to join instantly. (Keywords sold separately.)
  • Quickly access all past messages at any time.


Pricing that works for you

Multiple options to fit your ministry needs and group size.

Most Popular Option


per month
  • Up to 100 enabled contacts
  • Text, Email, Tweet, & Facebook
  • Unlimited Messages
Best Value


per month
  • Up to 1500 enabled contacts
  • Text, Email, Tweet, & Facebook
  • Unlimited Messages


per month
  • Up to 250 enabled contacts
  • Text, Email, Tweet, & Facebook
  • Unlimited Messages

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