Retreat Overview

Café Chocolat Women's Ministry Retreat Kit and Resources

Does simply thinking about chocolate bring a smile to your face? Do you want to give women a time to slow down, enjoy time with friends, and grow closer to God? Welcome to Café Chocolat! The Café Chocolat Retreat kit is here to make it easy for you to plan and host a professional retreat.

All-inclusive Kit

The all-inclusive kit contains the
resources you need to do all the
planning. (More on this later!)

Speech Bubbles

Women participate in activities
together and friendships will
grow naturally.

Open Book

This retreat will help women
draw closer to Jesus as they study
his amazing miracles.

Dividing Scroll

The Relational Retreat

The Café Chocolat Retreat is intentionally created to answer the desires and needs of women and of women’s ministry leaders (like you). Group retreats give women opportunities to gain a deeper relationship with God while developing Christian friendships that will last well beyond the time of your retreat.



Women Hugging at Women's Retreat

Friendships are important. Critical, even! The best way to encourage friendships is to give opportunities for them to develop! Activities, worship, and time together all contribute to women sharing stories and growing closer to each other. The Café Chocolat retreat will help you do just that!


Deepening Faith

Reading Bible at Women's Retreat

The purpose of this entire experience is to have women feel affirmed and encouraged to grow closer to Jesus. Through study of the miracles of Jesus, women will see how God’s grace is evident in their lives and the lives of others. They’ll leave your retreat inspired to deepen their relationship with God.


Simple Planning

Women's Ministry Retreat Kit and Women

Everything you need to host and plan your Café Chocolat retreat is included in the kit! This means you get detailed schedules, volunteer descriptions, music, planning tips, and more. We provide it all so you can plan with ease. No matter how much experience you have, the guides provided will save you hours of time!


How It Works

We talk a lot about how important relationships are. So what do we actually do at Café Chocolat to encourage authentic relationships? The entire experience is centered on 6 different sessions that get everyone involved in a variety of activities. These activities provide natural opportunities for women to connect and better understand one another.

At your Café Chocolat,
each session focuses on a different miracle Jesus performed in his time on earth. Using chocolate as a metaphor for God’s grace, women will learn about goodness in a whole new way. All of the sessions can be done in the same room. Featuring both large and small groups, the sessions can be formatted to work for any time frame, in any location!

Session 1 - God’s
grace is extravagant.

Session 2 - God’s extravagant
grace is for our friends.

Session 3 - God’s extravagant
grace is for those we don’t know.

Session 4 - God’s extravagant
grace is for our enemies.

Session 5 - Reflect on
God’s extravagant grace.

Session 6 - God’s
extravagant grace is for you.

How long is it?

It’s flexible! You can make Café Chocolat work for your schedule and needs. Do all six sessions in a single day, make it an overnight getaway, or even a full weekend with two nights. The Director Guide (included in the kit) makes it easy, with schedules for all three options.



We know how awesome Group’s retreat kits are—but don’t just take our word for it! Hear directly from our friends in ministry how a Group retreat kit has impacted them. Remember, you too can experience similar stories in your church!

Women's Retreat Smiling Women
  • The perfect day, in God’s timing!
    This was exactly what I needed. Sweet
    friends, sweet fellowship and sweet food!
    CHOCOLATE is a girl’s best friend!
    Shannon Velasquez
  • A much-needed time/moment to
    reflect on God’s love for me. A great
    time to take in a long breath and
    exhale and just be still with my God.
    Holly Giron
  • Meeting new friends was great.
    We shared our stories, joy and
    sorrows, and learned how God
    has worked in each of our lives.
    Stephany Maveel
  • Ahhhh, peaceful. What a good
    opportunity to stop and think
    about being still and making the
    Bible relevant to today!
    DeeAnn Bragaw
  • I really enjoyed fellowshipping with
    the other women and hearing their
    stories. It was truly a blessing!
    Christine Munson
  • Great discussion questions. They
    worked well for new introductions
    OR long-time relationships.
    Heidi McCarthy

Get Started

The Director’s Kit is your go-to resource for planning, recruiting, and leading an effective retreat.
The kit includes everything so anyone can lead it.

Café Chocolat Director’s Kit

Available May 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014

All the content is Bible-based and designed to help women grow in their relationship with Jesus. Every director's kit includes:

  • Director’s Guide—all the details are included, and the planning is done for you! It’s easy!
  • Training & Promo DVD—complete video training for volunteers, plus professionally-produced commercials for you to use.
  • Graphics & Other Goodies CD—themed clip art, registration tools, and more. Plus, this CD now includes instrumental tracks for the worship music of Café Chocolat!
  • Worship Leader Guide—easy-to-follow directions for leading worship at the retreat.
  • Session Leader Guides—step-by-step guides for leading each of the six sessions. Each includes a supply list.
  • PLUS you’ll receive full-size samples of all the per-guest essentials and gift items, including the Journal, God’s Grace Bracelet, Music of Café Chocolat CD, and the Tote Bag.
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Participant Resources

Available May 1, 2013 – October 31, 2014

Café Chocolat Participant Packs

These value packs are designed to save you money! The essentials pack contains all items you must have for each attendee. If you really want to pamper your guests, the extra value pack contains the essentials plus gift items for each woman.

Save Money When You Bundle

Essentials Pack

$9.99 (in Canada $11.49)
Cafe Chocolat Essentials Value Pack
  • Café Chocolat Journal
  • God’s Grace Bracelet

Extra Value Pack

$20.99 (in Canada $24.49)
Cafe Chocolat Extra Value Pack
  • Café Chocolat Journal
  • God’s Grace Bracelet
  • Tote Bag (Size: 11” x 7.5”)
  • Café Chocolat Music CD

Café Chocolat Extras

These items add a little extra "something" to your retreat! They make
great gifts for volunteers or additional fun items for your retreat guests.

Cafe Chocolat Travel Mug

Travel Mug $7.99

Organza Bags

12 Organza Bags $2.99

Organza Bags

Café Chocolat Pen 99¢