"God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another."
—1 Peter 4:10

With Spiritual Gifts Discovery You’ll:

  • Help volunteers discover their gifts and get connected to the right ministry.
  • See more success in your recruiting.
  • Empower people to know how God has equipped them.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery Brings You...

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    Online Gifts Discovery
    With the easy-to-use online assessment, your volunteers and entire church will discover their own spiritual gifts and better understand how God has uniquely wired them to serve. Plus, you’ll know their gifts, too, so you can equip them and plug them in where you need their gifts. The assessment is mobile friendly, too!
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    An Easy to Manage System
    This simple online management and tracking tool will allow you to invite people to take the assessment, view results, and more.
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    Training Tool
    Our training guide allows you to present a workshop designed to help you equip your church to use their spiritual gifts.
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    Graphics for Your Website
    Make knowing spiritual gifts a priority by placing a button or banner on your website that links to the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

3 Easy Ways to Take the Assessment:


Get Spiritual Gifts Discovery today

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  • Unlimited access to the Spiritual Gifts Discovery assessment
    and online management/tracking system with a one-time fee.
  • Graphics to add to your church’s website to link directly to assessment.
  • Training to guide your church through their spiritual gifts.
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Here are the spiritual gifts that
this assessment targets:

Click on each gift to see its description.
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  • Targeten
  • Targetev
  • Targetfa
  • Targetg
  • Targethe
  • Targeth
  • Targetin
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  • Targetkn
  • Targetle
  • Targetm
  • Targetpr
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  • Targets
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Spiritual Gifts Discovery is an online application that’s intuitive and simple to use.



  • How many spiritual gifts are there?

    This tool targets 16 spiritual gifts. Read more about the spiritual gifts included in this tool. See all the spiritual gifts here!
  • What spiritual gifts are included?

    Administration, Discernment, Encouragement, Evangelism, Faith, Giving, Helps, Hospitality, Intercession, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Prophecy, Shepherding, Teaching, and Wisdom.
  • Can I track when someone has completed the assessment?

    Simply sign in to the assessment tool and your dashboard will have notifications letting you know who has completed their assessment, as well as that person’s results.
  • Can I train people on how to use their spiritual gifts?

    Each person who takes the assessment will have the ability to download a page with specific information about his or her spiritual gift. Plus, we’ve included an easy-to-use training that you can offer at your church to help people get more information and get connected to your church.
  • Can I assign the assessment to multiple people?

    Yes! You can assign users by uploading a file or inputting one at a time, the choice is up to you. Now sit back and let the tool do the rest of the work for you.
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