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Women's Ministry Retreats:
Your Key to Leading Transformation

Every Group retreat kit is intentionally designed to
provide the affirmation, worship, and connection women need.
Here’s what a woman will experience at your retreat:

She will connect with others through guided small group discussion and create new and deeper friendships.


She will experience time to connect with God personally and to hear his voice through journaling and unique prayer activities.


She will apply the Bible to her day-to-day life and personal circumstances through guided Bible study.


She will share her heart with others, prays with others, and receives direct encouragement and affirmation.


She will worship God through singing and find inner healing through praise and confession.


She will extend herself to others in need through a unique service project.

What Makes a Group Retreat Different?


No-speaker needed

Relationships grow best from face-to-face interaction and discussion, which is why Group retreats are designed to run smoothly without a speaker. Anyone can lead!



Built into the program are guided discussion questions for small groups and pairs invite women to open up with each other.


Spiritual Experiences

Every retreat includes activities that engage the senses. Women interact with spiritual concepts in a way that uniquely sets them to memory for lasting change.


Bible Teaching

Every retreat includes insightful teaching from scripture, but women don’t just listen to preaching. They journal, discuss, and experience biblical truths with a focus on applying the Bible to their personal circumstances.



The retreat content can be used for a full day retreat or extended over a weekend getaway. Youill find schedules for all options in the Director Guide in each kit.

Make-up of a Director's Kit

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Two Exciting Retreat Themes To Choose From


Garden Getaway
Where Women Walk With God

"There is a time and season for everything," said the writer of Ecclesiastes. He must have been thinking of women when he wrote this, because our lives are always changing from one season to the next! Some of these seasons are full of daisies and roses…and others feel more like a mess of thorns and weeds. Garden Getaway teaches us about God’s timing in our lives, and the good news that God is here to walk with us through every new phase of life!


Lavender Springs Spa: Where Women Rest in God’s Faithfulness

During six refreshing sessions, women will journey through the psalms of the Bible, studying the different kinds of songs, poems, and psalms that have inspired people for centuries. Participants will learn how the psalms help us share our feelings, disappointments, celebrations, and doubts with a truly great listener: God. And they’ll leave with a fresh approach to prayer that will grow their faith throughout the months to come.

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