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See what Group has to offer for your Ministry!

At Group, we care deeply about your ministry and we want to see you equipped with the right tools and training to grow and thrive! We offer three types of training events to accommodate your needs. You can join us at our Events at Group, our Regional Training Events, or host an event At Your Church!

Read more below about which training style and venue is best for your ministry!

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Training Types Offered

Events At Group

These events take place throughout the year at Group Publishing's headquarters in beautiful Loveland, CO. The events vary in date, content and length, so look through to see what fits your needs.

Building an Equipping Church
October 07-09, 2015
Transform you church with an Ephesians 4 culture, where serving is a "get to" experience...not a "have to" obligation. In three days, you'll go through 10 high-impact workshops that will equip you with the vision, tools, and systems needed to create a doable plan for empowering people to BE the church.
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Becoming an Equipping Leader
September 16-18, 2015
Develop a proven style of leadership that will help you grow new leaders, create excitement, and connect people to ministry. During three days you'll go through 10 deeper-learning workshops that will equip you with the tools, competencies, and ability to sustain your leadership for the long haul. This course will challenge you to look beyond yourself and imagine the possibilities of what could be in store for those you lead.
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November 04-06, 2015
This two and a half day conference will provide you with an expanded understanding of how social media and online tools can benefit and grow your ministry. You’ll learn how to use these tools to save time, reach a broader audience, build a well-connected community, and create a place for constant communication in your church.
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Group offers a variety of events across the US, including our two national conferences, SYMC and KidMin. Browse the list below to see if we're coming to a region near you.


KidMin Childrens’ Ministry Conference
Sept. 25-27, 2015, Chicago, Illinois
Renewed Passion, Deeper Learning, Authentic Conversations. At KidMin, you don't just sit in a chair, listen, and leave. You zoom in, grapple, and dig. It's four days of marinating in fresh ideas and topics that really matter!
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Simply Youth Ministry Conference
SYMC is coming to a city near you!
The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is a 4-day face-to-face experience that equips, encourages and connects people committed to serving pre-teens through young adults in the church. SYMC is organized by the youth ministry team at Group Publishing & Simply Youth Ministry, and operates in kingdom-focused collaboration with other ministry partners.
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Events At Your Church

You can host a Group training event, right at your own church! These events vary in content and length. You pick the topic and dates that work best, and we'll take it from there.

Group's Equipping Institute Courses
Group's Equipping Institute exists solely to share our expertise with ministry leaders like you. We use a collaborative approach to training; from beginning to final implementation, we are by your side. Every course will provide you with the tips, tools, plans, and insights you need to be an effective and innovative ministry leader. All of our Equipping Institute courses can be sponsored and hosted by your church.
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Children's Ministry Workshops
You won’t find a more diverse and in-depth selection of training options for children’s ministry than Group Training at Your Church. From volunteer management and vision casting to nursery care and adolescent growth, you and your crew can become masters at a variety of topics.
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Youth Ministry Workshops
If you already know how great Group’s youth ministry training is (did someone say “Simply Youth Conference”?), then you can count on Group Training at Your Church to be just as great. Maybe even better, since you and your team will get personal, customized training at your place on your own time.
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Women's Ministry Workshops
Want to give your ministry a makeover? Want to reach younger women? How about learn how to host an unforgettable retreat or Bible study? Group has the country’s most advanced women’s ministry training for your entire team.
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Church Leadership Workshop Topics
Being a great church leader isn’t easy. But if you’re willing to stretch yourself and embrace some game-changing methods and principles, you’ll find you, your team, and your ministry reaching remarkable levels of success. Check out what Group has in store for your future.
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