When Mason comes to Sunday school, he often seems lost.

Not that kind of “lost”—just a kid who doesn’t connect. He hears the Bible stories but doesn’t relate to them. And he’s the first to line up at the door when class is over.

Then you tried something new. A fresh, large-group/small-group approach called Living Inside Out.

Now Mason is excited to sing and learn during the large-group celebration. He opens up and shares during the small-group interaction. Suddenly he sees that Jesus means something special to his life.

Changing kids’ lives isn’t just something you talk about anymore. You can aspire for more in children’s ministry with Living Inside Out.

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Join the Fastest-Growing Trend in Sunday School.
Large Group Wow! Small-Group Pow!

  • Everything you love about Sunday school—the excitement, the joy, the thrill of experiencing Jesus—is everything you’ll love about Living Inside Out, too.
  • Living Inside Out combines the fun energy of large-group experiences along with the intimate impact of small groups. You get interactive worship, games, skits, and more that let kids spend their time doing the Bible lesson, not just listening to it.
  • It’s perfectly sized for any size church. All you need is one “up-front” personality plus a handful of adults who like to hang out with kids. Churches say it’s the most volunteer-friendly program they’ve ever used.
  • Just like you, Living Inside Out does big things … without missing any of the small details that make your ministry special.


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