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Barbara loves kids. Loves 'em!

Barb Cloud

She’s always been one of the first to volunteer to help in your children’s ministry. But the hours of preparation and study are wearing her down. And lately it seems she’s usually busy on Sundays.

Then you heard the buzz about a curriculum they called “instant.” Could a no-prep Sunday school actually work? Now Barbara just opens the box and gets going. She’s free to do what she does best—share her love of Jesus with kids … and change their lives forever.

Getting more volunteers—and keeping them longer—is something you don’t have to worry about anymore. You can aspire for more in children’s ministry with Buzz Sunday School.




The Instant Sunday school!
All You Prepare Is Your Heart

Volunteers love it because it’s easy. Kids love it because it’s different every week. YOU’ll love it because….

  • Buzz is perfect for busy volunteers. Since all they prepare is their heart, you’ll never burn them out.
  • Buzz keeps kids’ attention with Bible stories they haven’t heard before—those less often told but just as memorable. Children learn in their own style, and they choose which way the lesson goes.
  • You simply open the box and go. Teachers follow the lesson step by step, experiencing God’s Word together with the kids. Group’s Buzz Sunday school curriculum gives you everything you need to be a super success. And best of all, you’ll bring kids closer to Jesus!

If It's In The Lesson
It's In The Box!

What if you could literally open the box and start your lesson? With Buzz, you can. The Buzz Directions walk you through each week's lesson step-by-step, so kids and volunteers learn and grow together—without hours of prep work. All you prepare is your heart!

Cool themes get kids buzzing! Each quarter, kids of every age experience fun, memorable themes that help them connect to the Bible lesson.

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