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Why Choose Shepherd's Watch?

Group knows the church.

We love the church, too! And we want to work with you to keep your ministry safe. We’re here to support you through the whole process.

With Shepherd’s Watch, you can count on:

  • Federally compliant background reports.
  • No minimum orders required.
  • No monthly billing fees.
  • Automatic invoicing for reports ordered.
  • No prepayment to a credit card.
  • No hidden fees!
  • Customer Service representatives familiar
    with church volunteer screening.

If you are not a church, please visit our background check company for organizations at

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Getting Started

Background screenings contain sensitive information. You can count on Group
and our background check partner to keep the entire process simple and secure.

Just follow these easy steps:


Activate your account

(choose from Basic or Premium).

Your first $9 background
check is FREE!


Get set up

with our background check partner.

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Start running background checks.

(Be sure to have each person fill out a Permission to Obtain a Background Check Form (download in editable RTF or PDF format).)

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Shepherd’s Watch Membership

Choose the Shepherd’s Watch
option that’s right for you.

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No matter which option you choose, it’s just a one-time fee when you activate your account.

The best part? The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your church is safe.

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Order Shepherd’s Watch under a church account, not an individual account.

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Background Checks Explained

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    is a background check?

    A background check searches public and confidential records to verify someone’s history.

    This includes criminal history, identity verification, driving record, sex offender records, and so on.

    Two important points to keep in mind:


    There is no such thing as a single criminal database source that contains all the report information for everyone in the United States. Because each state is different, some states choose to report certain records, while others do not. Our background check partner maintains one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry, pulling from as many sources as possible.


    There are different types of reports. Some only check identity (based on Social Security number) and some criminal history, while other reports include information such as motor vehicle record, sex offender registries, and credit history. That's why Shepherd's Watch offers a variety of package options.

    This is why Shepherd's Watch meets all your background check needs!

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    should I do background checks?

    It’s important to know the history of your volunteers and staff. You may feel you know everyone at your church so well, you don’t need to check their backgrounds. The reality is that some people won’t tell you the truth. And trust alone isn’t an accurate barometer for character. Background checks can reveal red flags for behaviors you need to know about. In addition, should any sort of litigation ever emerge against your organization, you must show your due diligence in screening volunteers and staff.

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    should I include in background checks?

    Take a minute to consider which positions in your church might need a check—people who count money or work with finances, anyone who drives your church car or van, and of course, anyone who works with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

    (Be sure to have each person fill out a Permission to Obtain a Background Check Form (download in editable RTF or PDF format).)

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    Background screening packages and costs.

    Once you have paid for your Shepherd’s Watch membership, you will have access to run background checks. Background screening is offered in pre-selected packages or a' la carte options, meaning the cost varies depending on the information you want to obtain. We’ve created four popular packages to keep things simple (download PDF brochure):

    A' La Carte Options
    Motor Vehicle Report
    National Criminal
    File Only
    Social Security
    Number Verification
    Credit Report
    Federal Felony &
    Misdemeanor Report
    OFAC "Terrorist Watch"
    Education Verification
    Former Employment Verification
    County Court Search
    New York
    Court Access Fee

    *Certain states may require state-specific forms for motor vehicle reports. If one of these states is selected during the order process you will be notified by our background check partner and instructed in how to provide the forms needed to complete the order.

If you need assistance at any time, call or e-mail us at:
877.446.3247 |