Your next fall festival can be much more than games, costumes, and candy. With Heroes Unmasked, you can help kids have tons of fun AND learn about some of the Bible’s mightiest champions.

At your Heroes Unmasked fall fest, kids will:

  • Collect Bible Hero Cards and hear God loves them,
  • Receive an interactive comic book that shares
          Jesus’ love in a compelling way,
  • Have their photos taken behind fun Bible hero posters,
  • Play tons of fun carnival-style games,
  • and so much more!


    Jesus loves you!

    Jesus loves you so much that he died on the cross for you. He rose again so you can be forgiven for the wrong things you do. If you believe in Jesus, you can be with him forever in heaven. Ask him to be your forever friend!

    Read John 3:16

    DECORATE WITH SOUND: "Forever Friends" Theatre Music
    The angry giant roared as he towered over David!

    Discover how David turned the tables in 1 (Samuel 17:20-50.)

    • David trusted God.
    • God loved David.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: David’s Bopple Topple
    surrounded by hungry lions with no way out!

    Discover how Daniel escaped being dinner in Daniel 6:1-24.

    • Daniel obeyed God.
    • God loved Daniel.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: Daniel’s Mane Showdown
    Armies of Egyptians! Charging chariots!

    Read all about Moses’ amazing escape in Exodus 14:1-31.

    • Moses trusted God.
    • God loved Moses.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: Moses’ Red Sea Sweep
    Elijah stood alone in a fiery showdown.

    Discover who won in 1 Kings 18:16-40.

    • Elijah obeyed God.
    • God loved Elijah.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: Elijahs Screaming Chickens
  • NOAH
    Raging rain and rising seas!

    Learn how Noah weathered the storm in Genesis 6:9-7:16.

    • Noah obeyed God.
    • God loved Noah.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: Noah’s Operation Rescue
    The King could kill her for even talking to him!

    Read Esther 4:4-17 to see how Queen Esther found the courage to save her people.

    • Queen Esther trusted God.
    • God loved Queen Esther.
    • And God loves YOU!
    DECORATE WITH SOUND: “Forever Friends” Ta Da

starter kit today!

Your starter kit includes everything you need to plan and
promote your event:

  • 5 Leader Guides
  • Recruiting DVD
  • Resource CD
  • Plus, a sample of each item below!
Event Resources
Jesus: The Greatest Superhero-Comic Book
Jesus: The Greatest Superhero-Comic Book
$(Canada $8.49)
Interactive booklet brings the fun of Heroes Unmasked home. (10-pack)
Bible Hero Cards
Bible Hero Cards
$(Canada $28.99)
Every child will want a set of these amazing, full-color trading cards. (50 sets of 7 cards)
Goody Bags
Goody Bags
$(Canada $10.49)
Make your guests feel extra special with this ultra-fun bag for all their goodies. (50-Pack)
$ (Canada $6.99)
Kids will love decorating these unique, wearable masks. All you need are some basic art supplies. (10-pack)
Rubber Chicken
Rubber Chicken
$(Canada $11.49)
These hilarious birds are used in three games in Heroes Unmasked. (3-Pack)
Glow Crosses
Glow Crosses
$(Canada $11.49)
Kids will love these glow crosses, especially when they hear and experience Secret of the Empty Cave. (10 pack)
Silly Spheres
Silly Spheres
$ (Canada $11.49)
In the Noah’s Operation Rescue game, guests fish around for marbles in a tub of, well, squishy fun. (One 2-oz. pkg.)
Twisty Launchers
Twisty Launchers
$(Canada $10.49)
Each guest launches a Twisty Launcher at helium balloons and then gets to take a Launcher home. (10-pack)
5-Foot Long Bongo Sticks
5-Foot Long Bongo Sticks
$(Canada $5.99)
Kids will have a blast hurling these fun Bongo Sticks in David’s Bopple Topple! (3-pack)