eConnect Conference

January 29-31, 2014

Group Publishing Headquarters
Loveland, CO

What To Expect

Calling all ministry leaders!

Bring your team and start off the New Year better prepared with online tools and social media skills.

This two and a half day conference will leave you with an expanded understanding of how online tools can benefit and grow your ministry. You’ll learn how to use online tools to save you time, reach a broader audience, build a well-connected community, and create a place for constant communication in your church.

Your registration fee includes 2 lunches, 1 dinner, coffee and snacks throughout the event (a $40+ value). Hotel rooms can be booked at the La Quinta Inn and Suites (across the street) for $77 per night.

Registration Begins Wednesday January 29th at 12:30pm
Final Session Ends Friday January 31st at 12noon

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

social media

Find out what tools are best for building community, along with communication tools and time-saving tips.


Explore how to build a website that makes sense to your audience, new ways to bring in revenue online, and helpful tools for communicating to your church.


Discover what mobile means for websites, how to build an effective mobile site, and resources for going mobile.

online tools

Learn about automated communications, video sermons and podcasting, and organizing volunteers andstaff.


Brian Abbott

Brian Abbott is driven by his passion for creating change. Having worked in the advertising, film, and video gaming industries since 1985, his experience gives him a unique perspective on engaging people and fostering relationships through creative use of media and digital devices, games, and apps. His desire to create change has led him to work with many non-profits, faith-based groups, and social agencies around the world.

Jason Caston

Jason Caston is a creator, innovator, author, and Internet church specialist. He’s worked with major ministries to build websites and social media properties that reach more than 3 million people daily. Jason has developed an innovative approach to helping businesses and ministries advance their online presence using “The iChurch Method,” a 5-part approach of websites, multimedia, e-commerce, social media, and mobile.

Nils Smith

Nils Smith is the social media pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas. In July 2010, Nils helped launch the CBC Online community that has grown to more than 10,000 in weekly online workshop attendance, with services in both English and Spanish. CBC Online has also expanded by launching Online LifeGroups, which has an active Facebook community of more than 190,000 people.


$199 (when you register by January 10, 2014)
$229 (when you register after January 10, 2014)

“It’s a Digital World” — Bob & Brian

Ministry has changed greatly in the last 5 years. Putting off the move to online media is no longer an option for church leaders. This session will help you understand why online tools are necessary to reach the people in your church and community.


“Friend Me: How Social Media Opens Instant Opportunities for Ministry” — Jason

Ministry can happen today in a virtual community. This session will help you understand the core fundamentals of social media and teach you how to use tools such as Facebook and Twitter to grow your church community online.


“Disciple-Making With Online Church” — Nils

Use the Internet to reach a global audience for Jesus. Learn methods for using social media as a witness to build disciples around the world.


“Websites for Effective Ministry” — Jason

Is your website effective in helping you connect with people? Walk away with the basic components every church website needs, how mobile technology is changing the way people use websites, and how to protect your website with today’s security concerns.


“Making the Most of Your Investment Online” — Nils

Online ministry requires a significant investment of your most valuable resource: time! In this session, we’ll examine five tools to make you more effective and efficient in connecting with people online: Google Analytics, HootSuite, Asana, Constant Contact, and Google for Nonprofits.


Breakout Options

“Online Tools for Powerful Ministry Messages” —Jason

Video can be a powerful tool to communicate a message. This session will teach how to stream for free, streaming options, Internet church options/uses, how to set up podcasts and the benefits and uses of video/YouTube/Vimeo.

“Facebook Foundations” —Nils

With more than 1 billion active users, the possibilities are endless for using Facebook to extend your ministry. We’ll discuss Facebook in-depth, including its purpose and best practices in managing your personal profile and pages. We’ll also examine Facebook groups and ads to understand how they can benefit your organization.

“Online Tools for Ministry Collaboration” —Brian

Tired of all the evening meetings at church? Frustrated with trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules? This session will show you how to collaborate, communicate, and create productive team ministry—from the comfort of your home!


Breakout Options

“Mobile Ministry Applications” —Jason

Smart phones have changed how people connect. In this session, we’ll explain how ministries can utilize mobile in their online strategy, benefits of mobile websites vs. mobile apps, and the tools to create ministry apps.

“Choosing the Right Social Networks for Your Ministry” —Nils

There are so many social networks out there for developing online connections—where should you start…and when should you stop? This session will examine the uniqueness of each of the social networks to determine which fits best with the audience you’re trying to reach.

“Reaching the Digital Generation” —Brian

Young adults “hang out” in some unusual places. Is reaching this group—through virtual environments—a viable and effective method of spiritual transformation and building lasting relationships? Hear the story of how one church developed a process of reaching people through an online video game.


“Supporting Your Ministries Online” — Jason

Every ministry needs funding to grow. This session will explore online options for contributions, funding, and ministry development.


“Web Wonderings” — Jason, Nils, Brian, Bob

Roll up your sleeves and discover how to put social ministry into practical use with real-life application.  Plus, we’ll have time for some Q&A from our panel of experts!