Buzz Value Set - Spring
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Group’s Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $562 value!
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Getting more volunteers—and keeping them longer—is something you don’t have to worry about anymore.
Volunteers love it because it’s easy. Kids love it because it’s different every week. YOU’LL love it because…
  • Buzz is perfect for busy volunteers. Since all they prepare is their heart, you’ll never burn them out.
  • Buzz keeps kids’ attention with Bible stories they haven’t heard before—those less often told but just as memorable. Children learn in their own style, and they choose which way the lesson goes.
  • You simply open the box and go. Teachers follow the lesson step by step, experiencing God’s Word together with the kids.
Group's Buzz Sunday school curriculum gives you everything you need to be a success. And best of all, you’ll bring kids closer to Jesus!
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – this contains a small part, small ball or marble.  Not for children under 3 years.
The instant Sunday school—where all you prepare is your heart.

  • 5 Age Levels: Preschool, Pre-K&K, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6
  • Scope and Sequence: 2 years
  • Format: Classroom setting
  • Length: 45–60 minutes

Group’s Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $562 value.
Kits included in Value Set:
  • Boo-Boo Buster: 3- and 4-year-olds learn about people Jesus healed and helped. They'll meet Lazarus, Peter, Zacchaeus, Bartimaeus, and many more whose lives were changed by Jesus--the amazing Boo-Boo Buster! Plus, they'll discover that Jesus died to help them, too, and that he's alive today!
  • Jubilee: your pre-K & K kids will explore God's amazing forgiveness throughout the Bible. They'll meet David and King Saul, the woman who anointed Jesus' feet, the lost son who came home, and many more! Plus, they'll learn about the greatest act of forgiveness ever--Jesus' death and resurrection!
  • Hide & Seek: first- and second-graders will learn that Jesus is the very best at Hide & Seek. When we're lost, he finds us! Children will explore how Jesus heals a paralyzed man, discover that Jesus was crucified and came back to life, hear the parable of the lost son, learn how Jesus changed Saul's life, and much more!
  • Gross Me Out: third- and fourth-graders dig into the gross stories from the Bible, such as Jesus sending evil spirits into a herd of pigs, healing a blind man with mud made from spit, and reattaching a bloody, severed ear. Eww, gross! And there are even more icky lessons...13 total! Kids will also learn the most important lesson of all—that Jesus was crucified and came back to life.
  • Raiders of the Empty Tomb: fifth- and sixth-graders unveil the mysteries of how children, men, and women were raised to life--and how Jesus himself defeated death by coming back to life.
Group's Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $562 value.

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