Science Friction Kit (set of 10)
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Everything you need to create a fun science experiment about friction.
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This fun experiment is a great way to help kids understand how sometimes when life gets tense and tight, we might feel like stopping. But when we remember that God loves us, it releases the tension and we keep on moving--just like the "spider" in this experiment.

Set includes 10 complete friction kits.

Not available in Canada.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Instructions (be sure to print this out!):
1. Open the Friction Science Kit, and pull out the black construction paper. Cut this paper into  the shape of a spider.
2. Take the small white box from the kit and open it. Remove the string and small stick from the inside of the box. Use a sharp pencil to poke a hole in both ends (the short sides) of the box.
3. Run the string through the hole in one end of the box and out the other.
4. Use scissors and a ruler to trim ¼ inch off the stick.
5. Place the stick in the box. Be sure to put it underneath the thread. Place the stick so that it is perpendicular to the string and held up and in place by the opposite sides of the box.
6. Tape your spider cutout to the flat side of the box.
Now let's perform the experiment. Pick up your spider contraption by both ends of the string. Hold the string vertically so the spider slides down the string. What happened? If your spider stopped sliding, good job! Release the tension on the string and the spider will start to slide again. When you pull on either end of the string, it increases the friction on the stick inside the box, which slows and stops the spider.

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Q: does the kit come with the instructions? Since this is an older vbs I do not have the craft book. Not sure how it works or pattern for spider
Asked : May 15, 2017
By : Nina, Ohio
A: The instructions are available under the Product Detail section on the Science Friction kit page. Please look below the picture of the item and you will see "Overview" and "Product Detail" Please click the plus sign by "Product Detail" to expand the instructions section. There you will find the directions for this activity.
Answered : May 15, 2017
By : Robin

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